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Michelle R. Haney

Berry College

Michelle Haney is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Education at Berry College. Haney has taught psychology and education courses at the graduate and undergraduate level for over ten years, and has directed the Interdisciplinary Studies program at Berry College. In addition to her Ph.D. with a cognate in developmental disorders, Haney is a School Psychologist and worked for a large public school system for eight years before entering academia. Her clinical work involves psychological evaluation and consultation primarily involving children with developmental disabilities. While working in the public school system, Haney was the lead school psychologist for a dual-diagnosis program serving children with developmental disabilities. She has published numerous theoretical and empirical papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented at professional conferences across the country. Haney's work with family advocacy groups, community outreach programs, and local public schools has allowed her to integrate teaching and service to optimize learning and pool scarce resources. Her experiences working with families with children on the autism spectrum and professionals in the community alongside developing meaningful courses to introduce undergraduate students to the field of autism will be highlighted in this text.

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Understanding Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Review Copy Available
Educators Partnering with Families
Michelle R. Haney 10-11-2012 $56.00