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Robert D. Hanser

University of Louisiana at Monroe

Robert Hanser is the Associate Director of the School of Social Sciences and the Coordinator of the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Dr. Hanser has an extensive background in treatment provision and administration. He sits on the 4th Judicial District's Youth Services Planning Board and also serves on regional advisory councils and community boards related to juvenile services for substance abuse and mental health treatment programming. He is a National Certified Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Louisiana and Texas, a Licensed Addiction Counselor, and a Certified Anger Management Therapist.

BOOKS: 5 Products
  Title Lead Author/Editor Pub Date Price
Introduction to Corrections Review Copy Available
Robert D. Hanser 10-17-2012 $108.00
Community-Based Corrections Review Copy Available
A Text/Reader
Shannon M. Barton-Bellessa 01-05-2011 $89.00
Community Corrections , Second Edition Review Copy Available
Robert D. Hanser 08-05-2013 $92.00
Juvenile Justice , Eighth Edition Review Copy Available
A Guide to Theory, Policy, and Practice
Steven M. Cox 12-01-2013 $116.00
Introduction to Corrections Interactive eBook
Robert D. Hanser 01-09-2013 $77.00