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Freelancing for SAGE Books

Dear Freelancer,

Thank you for your interest in doing freelance work for SAGE. We accept resumes and tests on an ongoing basis for copy editors, proofreaders, and indexers for both our books and journals divisions.

Copy Editors

We seek experienced copy editors who are familiar with the guidelines for handling text, citations, and references as detailed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). In addition, copy editors must work in Microsoft Word and should be familiar with its tracking feature for making edits and with its document templates. We do not have the resources to train applicants who are not already experienced with copy editing manuscripts.
The work we require includes the following:

  • Making sure that each element of the text has been named correctly on the style template;
  • Correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar;
  • Bringing references and citations into the appropriate style;
  • Making the manuscript consistent (terminology, levels of heads, list format, references, and so on) from chapter to chapter;
  • Sending copyedited files with tracking to the author for review and incorporating author responses to queries and other changes by the author into the manuscript;
  • Reading with an eye toward the author's use of previously published work that will require permission to reprint, and following up with the production editor; and
  • Pointing out major organizational problems or working with authors to better organize or clarify their writing.

We ask prospective freelance copy editors to complete a test in which a document is edited electronically. Return the edited file with the tracking turned on to Rename your test file with your surname first (e.g., Smith Sally CE Test), and include your resume as a separate file, also with your surname first (e.g., Smith Sally Resume). Further instructions are included with the copyediting test.


Proofreaders check the accuracy of the work of the author, copy editor, production editor, and typesetter. Without fail, the following tasks need to be done:

  • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar;
  • Check style;
  • Check consistency; and
  • Check typesetting and layout.

Proofreaders should be familiar with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). We require freelance books proofreaders to mark corrections electronically in PDF files using Adobe Acrobat and Reader’s mark-up feature.

The proofreading test is a .pdf file.

Using standard proofreader's marks (see the section on proofreading marks in the Chicago Manual of Style or the proofreading marks noted in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary) and Adobe’s pencil and text box tools, please note your corrections electronically in the PDF. Please do not use Adobe's Sticky Note and Callout tools. Return your test and resume electronically to Please name the files with your surname first (e.g., Smith Sally Resume and Smith Sally PR Test).


Freelance indexers should send a sample index along with a resume and any other supporting materials to (Please name your files Smith Sally Sample Index and Smith Sally Resume, following the naming convention of using your surname first.) Completed indexes for SAGE must be submitted in Word.

Thank you,
Books Production Department