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Introducing Multilevel Modeling

Ita G G Kreft California State University
Jan de Leeuw University of California, USA
© 1998   160 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
Sixty Day Exam Copy
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Paperback ISBN: 9780761951414 $74.00
Hardcover ISBN: 9780761951407 $167.00
Authors Ita G. G. Kreft and Jan de Leeuw have provided the first accessible and practical guide to using multilevel models in social research. Multilevel approaches are becoming increasingly important in social, behavioral, and educational research and it is clear from recent developments that such models are seen as more realisticùand potentially more revealingùthan ordinary regression models. While other books describe these multilevel models in considerable detail none focus on the practical issues and potential problems of doing multilevel analyses that are covered in Introducing Multilevel Modeling. The authorsÆ approach is user-oriented, keeping formal mathematics and statistics to a minimum. Other key features include the use of worked examples using real data sets, analyzed using the leading computer package for multilevel modeling.

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