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The History of Marketing Thought

Three-Volume Set
Mark Tadajewski Durham University, UK
Brian Jones Quinnipiac University, USA
© 2008   1208 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Hardcover ISBN: 9781847870018 $720.00
Volume One
Pre-20th Century Marketing Thought
The Role of Marketing in Early Theories of Economic Development D F Dixon
Marketing Structure and the Theory of Economic Interdependence D F Dixon
Early Analytical Developments
Some Late 19th Century Antecedents of Marketing Theory D F Dixon
Emerging Macromarketing Concepts D F Dixon
From Socrates to Alfred Marshall
The First Dialogue on Macromarketing E H Shaw
Appraisal of Contributions to Marketing Thought by 19th Century Liberal Economists F G Coolsen
Early Development of the Marketing Discipline
The First Decade of Marketing Literature P D Converse
Influences on the Development of Marketing Thought R Bartels
Early Development of the Philosophy of Marketing Thought D G B Jones and D D Monieson
Historical Surveys of the Development of Marketing Thought
A History of Marketing Thought D G B Jones and E H Shaw
Scholarly Research in Marketing W L Wilkie and E S Moore
Exploring the 'Four Eras' of Thought Development
Early Teachers of Marketing H H Maynard
Contribution of Women to U S Marketing Thought M E Zukerman and M L Carsky
Hugh Elmer Agnew W J McKeon
Ralph F Breyer R W Cox
Arthur Norris Brisco J H Wingate
Ralph Starr Butler J P Wood
Paul Terry Cherrington A M Crossley
Fred Emerson Clark R M Clewett
Paul Dulaney Converse H W Huegy
Biography and the History of Marketing Thought D G B Jones
Henry Charles Taylor and Edward David Jones
Melvin T Copeland M P McNair
Henry E Erdman G L Mehren
Edward A Filene and Lincoln Filene D Bloomfield
Benjamin Horace Hibbard H E Erdman
George Burton Hotchkiss D B Lucas
Leverett Samuel Lyon N H Engle
Harold H Maynard T N Beckman
Volume Two
Edwin Griswold Nourse E T Grether
Paul Henry Nystrom D J Duncan
Charles Coolidge Parlin W Alderson
Stanley B Resor L W Jacobs
Clarence Saunders P E Rockwood
Walter Dill Scott E C Lynch
Pioneer Industrial Psychologist
Arch W Shaw M T Copeland
Daniel Starch N H Borden
Harry R Tosdal R M Cunningham
Ronald Snow Vaile E T Grether
Louis D H Weld D R G Cowan
Simon Litman (1873-1965) D G B Jones
Pioneer Marketing Scholar
Theodore N Beckman (1895-1973) D G B Jones
External Manifestations of the Man
Robert Bartels and the History of Marketing Thought E Shaw and R Tamilia
Influences on the Development of Marketing Thought, 1950-1987 R Bartels
Wroe Anderson B Wooliscroft
A Life
My Life on Mt Olympus S C Hollander
Sidney Levy G E Harris
Challenging the Philosophical Assumptions of Marketing
Contextualizing the Development of Marketing Thought
Forces Impinging on Long-Term Business-to-Business Relationships in the United States W W Keep, S C Hollander and R Dickinson
An Historical Perspective
Marketing and the Public / Marketing and the Enterpriser P White
Marketing Management Concepts B J La Londe and E J Morrison
Yesterday and Today
The Ordering of Marketing Theory M Tadajewski
The Influence of McCarthyism and the Cold War
Remembering Motivation Research M Tadajewski
Toward an Alternative Genealogy of Interpretive Consumer Research
Counterculture, Criticisms and Crisis M J Arnold and J E Fisher
Assessing the Effect of the Sixties on Marketing Thought
Volume Three
The Schools of Thought in Marketing
A History of Schools of Thought in Marketing E H Shaw and D G B Jones
The Functions School
The Rise and Fall of the Functionalist Approach to Marketing S D Hunt and J Goolsby
A Paradigm Displacement Perspective
Some Problems in Market Distribution A W Shaw
The Commodities School
Principles of Merchandising M T Copeland
The Commodity Approach in Marketing Research W Zinn and S D Johnson
Is It Really Obsolete?
The Institutional Approach
Marketing Functions and Mercantile Organization L D H Weld
Origins of the Institutional Approach in Marketing D G B Jones and D D Monieson
Inter-Regional Trade School
The Law of Retail Gravitation W J Reilly
New Laws of Retail Gravitation P D Converse
Marketing Management School
The Marketing Philosophy as a Way of Business Life F J Borsch
The Marketing Revolution R J Keith
How Modern Is 'Modern' Marketing? Marketing's Evolution and Myth of the 'Production' Era R A Fullerton
The Marketing Concept S C Hollander
A <i>D[ac]e[gr]a Vu
Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing S Vargo and R F Lusch
Consumer Behaviour School
Economics, Psychology and the Literature of the Subdiscipline of Consumer Behavior R Mittelstaedt
Scholarly Traditions and the European Roots of American Consumer Research H H Kassarjian
Macromarketing School
Pre-Aldersonian Antecedents to Macromarketing R Savitt
Insights from the Textual Literature
Consumer Sovereignty, Democracy and the Marketing Concept D F Dixon
A Macromarketing Perspective
Macromarketing R Layton and S Grossbart
Past, Present and Possible Future
Exchange School
Toward a Formal Theory of Transactions and Transvections W Alderson and M W Miles
Marketing as Exchange R P Bagozzi
On Defining Marketing C Gr[um]onroos
Finding a New Roadmap for Marketing

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