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Cultural Proficiency

A Manual for School Leaders Third Edition

Randall B. Lindsey
Kikanza Nuri Robins The Robins Group
Raymond D. Terrell

Foreword by Darline P. Robles

© 2009   344 pages   Corwin   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412963633 $43.95
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"This book is a phenomenal resource for school districts and organizations interested in improving the culture of their organizations. It provides a solid foundation for understanding equity, embracing diversity, and adapting to differences. Moreover, the protocols and activities in this edition serve as a road map for school and district leaders on the journey toward cultural proficiency."
—Lynne Rosen, Director of Language and Cultural Equity
Albuquerque Public Schools, NM

Embark on a journey toward cultural proficiency that results in professional growth and organizational change!

Because change is an ongoing and personal process, this book helps school leaders recognize their own barriers to cultural proficiency and take steps to effectively describe, plan for, and respond to issues that arise in diverse environments.

This powerful third edition of Cultural Proficiency offers fresh approaches, a revised organization, and new activities that enable leaders to engage in effective interactions with students, educators, and the communities they serve. Randall B. Lindsey, Kikanza Nuri Robins, and Raymond D. Terrell meticulously provide information gathered from their experiences working with schools, educational agencies, and organizations across the United States and Canada and show how school leaders can:

  • Gain a personal understanding of what cultural proficiency means in practice
  • Use collaborative activities to effect change in a school
  • Lead a learning community toward becoming a culturally proficient organization

With updated and expanded vignettes, this resource provides a unique, field-tested plan for addressing diversity and ensuring that schools are places of learning that value students of all backgrounds.

Cultural Proficiency

A Manual for School Leaders

Third Edition
Randall B. Lindsey
Kikanza Nuri Robins The Robins Group
Raymond D. Terrell

Foreword by Darline P. Robles

© 2009   344 pages   Corwin  

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ISBN:   9781412963633 Paperback Suggested Retail Price:   $43.95 Bookstore Price:   $35.16
ISBN:   9781452273938 Electronic Version Suggested Retail Price:   $43.95 Bookstore Price:   $35.16

Previous Editions Published by SAGE

Second Edition: © 2003
First Edition: © 1999

Substantial Content Revisions

The 3rd edition of Cultural Proficiency: A Manual for School Leaders represents the on-going work of the authors. In our work with schools and other organizations across the United States and Canada, we have learned from and with our colleagues. People’s personal journeys and their work in schools and other organizations are reflected in the content, case story, and resource activities in this 3rd edition.

While we’ve worked diligently to retain the integrity of prior editions, we’ve made the following improvements to this edition:

  • A conceptual framework for cultural proficiency is presented that graphically illustrates the interrelationship among the four tools of cultural proficiency. In easy reference form, the reader can contrast how barriers to cultural proficiency inform and support values, behaviors, policies and practices that perpetuate disparities in society while guiding principles that hold culture as a core value can be used to serve cultural groups in an equitable manner to close gaps in access and performance.
  • The content and vignettes reflect our continuous learning and have been updated accordingly.
  • Several new activities are added in the Resources section, which has been assembled at the back of the book. The introduction to the Resources section provides a schema for using the activities for personal or professional development.
  • A matrix has been added that describes how to use other Cultural Proficiency books.

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