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Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning

Integrating Theory With Clinical Practice Second Edition

Pearl S. Berman Indiana University of Pennsylvania
© 2010   408 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc   
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Hardcover ISBN: 9781412968898 $109.00

Nature of the content compliments the goals of the course

Dr La-Don Jackson

Counselor Education, Argosy University-Schaumburg

Oct 26 2014

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Perfect for the course. Well laid out chapters and relevant content.

Mr Eric Baltrinic

Department of School Psychology, Higher Education, & Counselor Education, University Of Toledo

Aug 07 2014

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Conceptualization is a fundamental skill that seems to be lacking in psychotherapy, with students prioritizing interventions over the deep understanding of people's problems and the factors that sustain those issues. This book not only addresses some of these issues but also does so within theoretical frameworks that allow exploration and understanding about how different theories work.

Professor Daniel Velazquez

Escuela de PsicologĂ­a , Cetys Universidad

Feb 13 2013

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A book that should be read by all levels of practicing counselor. It should not only be a course text but it is a long life guide for all.

Mr Zaliridzal Zakaria

Faculty of Leadership and Management, Islamic Science University of Malaysia

Jan 05 2013

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I enjoyed the book..

Dr Maribel Rio-Roberts

Ctr to Psychological Study, Nova Southeastern University

Aug 01 2012

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Very helpful, especially in identifying the complexity of human problems and their importance to a fully developed treatment plan. Case studies are very helpful. Approach to treatment planning is straight forward and easy to use.

Dr Ed Decker

Religion Dept, Oral Roberts University

Jan 24 2012

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Case conceptualisation and treatment planning forms a significant part of counsellor training and counselling practice, the use of interviews and exercises in this book makes it a valuable addition to study, practice and continuing professional development.

Mrs Angela Fairhurst

AQA Counselling, Kidderminster and District Training Centre

Oct 01 2011

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This book is an essential for counsellors of all levels as it poses topics frequently encountered in counselling practice. For students it will help them at the start of the journey and will cater for the more experienced counsellor to aid their reflective practice, supervision and continuing professional development.

Mrs Angela Fairhurst

AQA Counselling, Kidderminster and District Training Centre

Oct 01 2011

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This book provides terrific examples of the different ways of writing case conceptualizations and treatment plans. My students like having examples as they develop their own style of writing treatment plans. It is also helpful for students to see that there is no single way to conceptualize a case or plan treatment, and they can see how one's theoretical orientation shapes the treatment planning process.

Dr Kathleen Chwalisz

Psychology Dept, Southern Illinois University

Sep 19 2011

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This was an interesting read and quite rich in content. However some of the material was not as applicable to the more integrative humanistic approach that we use on the main course of FdSc in Counselling that I teach. It is now a suggested text for the other course I facilitate in Supervision and in addition to this I am currently reviewing its applicability for the CBT course I usually run in January each year.

Mr Andrew Thorne

Bristol Centre For Care, Health & Educ, City of Bristol College

Jul 08 2011

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An interesting book providing good background reading for the lecturer, but with limited clinical applicability thus preventing it from being a core text.

Dr Emily Taylor

Department of Clinical Psychology, Edinburgh University

Apr 15 2011

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While students have to be introduced into the language of treatment planning and the demands of a clinical practice in a variety of settings, actual theoretical foundation and complexity seemed to be neglected and not well integrated. This appeared particularly questionable in the application of psychodynamic theory.

Dr Jens Schmidt

Psychology Dept, Chicago School of Psychology

Feb 02 2010

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Berman's book was contrasted with S. Meier's text, Briding case conceptualization , assessment and intervention. I thought the Meier book was superior and better integrated the content I would hope to cover in the course.

James Lichtenberg

Psychology Dept, University of Kansas

Jan 25 2010

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Not as advanced a text as I had anticipated (for use with graduate students on second or third practicum).

Steven Kvaal

Psychology Dept, Roosevelt University

Jan 06 2010

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