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Socio-Political and Economic Challenges in South Asia

Tan Tai Yong National University of Singapore
© 2009   192 pages   SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd   
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Hardcover ISBN: 9788178299495 $42.00
Ebook ISBN: 9788132102601

This book is a compilation of well researched papers that examine the evolving economic, political, and social landscape of South Asia. While celebrating the economic and political growth of the countries of the region, it also highlights the challenges that they are likely to face in the coming years, such as the domestic strife in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and the region’s external relations with key global players like East Asia and the United States.

Socio-Political and Economic Challenges in South Asia brings together some of the best minds to provide fresh insights. On a micro-level, it engages with various issues related to South Asian countries such as the domestic policies of Nepal with respect to Maoists, caretaker governments of Bangladesh, the strategic and security implications of the July 2005 India-United States Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Agreement, etc. On a macro-level, it explores South Asia’s external relations with key global players such as East Asia and the United States, and how this in turn influences the relations among the countries of the region.

The book will be of great relevance to public servants dealing with domestic issues, as well as foreign policy officials and scholars working on South Asia politics.

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