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Research Methodology

A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners Third Edition

Ranjit Kumar University of Western Australia
© 2011   440 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781849203012 $79.00
Hardcover ISBN: 9781849203005 $159.00

It is a great book for a capstone project because it really does go step-by-step through the research process from beginning to end.

Professor Leeda Copley

Soc Crim Just Sub Abuse Dept, University Of Central Oklahoma

Mar 12 2014

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Clear textbook with many examples.

Mr Vahid Keyhani

College of undergraduate studies, John F Kennedy Univ Law School

Mar 11 2014

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Kumar provides bite-size chapters that can inspire researchers of all capabilities to progress with their projects.

Mr Matt Kirby

Performance, University College Falmouth

Feb 21 2014

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A nice introductory text covering the main aspects of research

Ms vicky McQuillan

Division of Occupational Therapy, Liverpool University

Feb 03 2014

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Research Methodology: a step-by-step guide for beginners contains 18 chapters which are divided into eight sections, or steps to help the reader understand the basic concepts of research and to plan small, medium or large scale project. The first two chapters provide definitions and descriptions about what research is and how it effects and informs practice, as well as, deciding what to research and how to formulate a research problem. Chapters three through to six describe planning and conducting a literature review, forming research questions to address the research problem, identifying variables to measure and constructing a hypothesis. Chapters seven and eight cover the research design and selecting between quantitative and qualitative approaches when selecting a suitable study design. Chapters nine through to eleven address selection of data collection methods covering observation, interviewing and questionnaires, in addition to, addressing issues associated with establishing validity and reliability of the research instruments being used in the project. Chapters twelve through to eighteen cover selecting a sample technique suitable for making generalizations from a population, as well as, presenting how to write a research proposal. The text considers research ethics in the data collection phases of a project and how to process data and present it in a report. Chapter eighteen discusses undertaking projects which are evaluative within the context of when to implement this form of methodology. This text is informative and accessible for students and researchers new to planning and conducting research projects. This book fully fulfills its intended purpose as a useful practical step by step guide into understanding, selecting and designing an effective research study. This book is recommended as essential reading for students and researchers and can be used effectively in field, or as a quick reference book.

Mr Gary McKenna

School of Computing (Paisley) , University of the West of Scotland

Dec 22 2013

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A great sources that complements surviving a dissertation

Mr Simon Brent

FBSE, Southampton Solent University

Dec 16 2013

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Really simple to use


PROJECT MANAGEMENT, Central Univ of Tech, Free State

Dec 12 2013

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An excellent introduction to research methadology and processes for students

Mrs Karen Burton

Health , Neath Port Talbot College

Dec 10 2013

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Good introduction to research methodologies - recommended as a starting point for research students

Miss Anita Finnegan

Department of Computing, Dundalk Institute of Technology

Dec 04 2013

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I am currently developing a research course for the Faculty of Arts (TuT). This book is one of two books recommended as the prescribed textbooks.

Mr Roland Moses

Department of Performing Arts, Tshwane University of Technology

Nov 14 2013

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A very good book for those new to research methodology. Full of useful information and practical advice.

Mr David Biggins

The Business School, Bournemouth University

Nov 08 2013

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Good book for the higher level students

Miss Marian Carr

FE Computing, Bradford College

Oct 21 2013

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this an excellent book for students getting to grips with methodology

Julia Hope

Social Policy, University of Chichester

Oct 08 2013

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The first chapters where very useful for teaching purposes and helped clarify how students could structure their research. Eventually, all my students decided to do qualitative research and used other sources for their work.

Mr Leonhardt van Efferink

Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam

Oct 06 2013

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Good book. Very detailed.

Dr Douglas LaVergne

Resource Management Div, West Virginia University

Sep 13 2013

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too advanced level needed but used for higher level

Mrs Jessica Beni

Health , Newcastle College

Aug 07 2013

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This is very useful book for both undergraduate and postgraduate students to be introduced to the research process methodology.

Dr Maria Pampaka

Social Science , University of Manchester

Jun 28 2013

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This book is a clear guide for a beginner researcher on the basics of research methodology. The author manages to discuss very difficult theory and terms in an easy and understandable way by using clear flow charts, graphics and examples to explain the concepts. The book is highly recommended to students who are new in the field of research.

Ms Ensa Johnson

Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication, University of Pretoria

Jun 27 2013

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I was considering two possible books as an introduction for research methodology. this book and "Introduction Research Methodology" by Uwe Flick. I felt that the other book had the edge and was more useful to Law students dealing with research methodology for the first time. Whilst the chapters were short, the summaries at the end of each chapter was "too wordy" and not as clearly set out unlike the other book. Key points and information did not stand out as well and the layout of the papers and the dense text felt more overwhelming compared with the other book.

Miss Emma Hatfield

Huddersfield University Business Schl, Huddersfield University

Apr 26 2013

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The book is essential reading for every research methods student. It is written from a quantitative perspective, however is very useful in terms of research designs and methodologies for both quantitative and qualitative prespectives.

Miss Emma Morris

School of Education, Newman University College

Mar 25 2013

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However, good general intro.

Dr Peter Gossman

Education, Glyndwr University

Mar 12 2013

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Adopted another Sage text

Dr Dennis Leoutsakas

[DEPARTMENT NOT SPECIFIED], Salisbury University

Mar 02 2013

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The textbook covers our course content and has already been recommended but my students are finding it very difficult to access it. I have even purchased the ebook version but cannot download it

Mr Peter Chiamogu

Public Administration, Federal Polytechnic Oko

Feb 11 2013

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For a general research methodology book, this lacks a balance between qualitative and quantitative research. The qualitative section appears inferior to the quantitative section. More superior books available on the market.

Mr Joe Fitzgerald

School of Business, Institute of Business & Technology

Jan 11 2013

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Like the Creswell book better.

Professor Jeff Kimble

Engineering Technology Dept, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Dec 04 2012

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This book has now been placed on our recommended list for the third year U/G dissertation students

Dr jackie turton

Sociology , University of Essex

Nov 26 2012

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Good overview of the research process. However, the book pushes students into designing research a bit earlier in the process than I would want to. The conceptual modeling is key to designing the research. Otherwise this is a good overview of research for graduate students who have not completed much research.

Dr Ruth Steiner

Urban Regional Planning Dept, University of Florida

Nov 15 2012

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Really clear explanations provided which students will welcome as many find research methodology a difficult subject to get to grips with.

Ms Rita Walsh

School of Business, Royal Agricultural College

Oct 31 2012

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It is a good introductory text that is accessible to students with diverse backgrounds and little or no experience of research. It will be essential reading for a first semester module on Research Skills.

Mr Christopher Hopper

Winchester School of Art, Southampton University

Sep 19 2012

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We are not pleased with many of the changes in the latest edition. In particular, those changes which sharpen the distinction between qualitative and quantitative methods are particularly unhelpful. That said, this is the best we could find. At this point the alternative texts seem formed so specifically to their own theoretical commitments that it makes it very difficult to use in a context where students come from a diversity of perspectives and/or in a way that forces students to become somewhat agnostic with respect to the theoretical position they adopt...a theoretical position is absolutely necessary but preferably not necessarily absolute.

Dr Peter Tamas

Research Methodology Group, Wageningen University

Sep 10 2012

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I found it to be an easy introduction to research methods for students who have not been exposed to the topic before my course. But, there is not enough focus on political science specifically, and the students did not like the book at all. I will switch books for the spring 2013 semester

Dr Anne Santiago

History Political Science Dept, University of Portland

Sep 07 2012

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Provides a clear, step-by-step approach to the rationale for research, process, problem and design.

Mrs Branwen Bingle

Institute of Education, Worcester University

Sep 06 2012

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Excellent book, easily written and with students' approaches in mind.

Professor Othmar Lehner

ACRN GmbH. Center for Research in Social Sciences, University of Applied Science

Sep 03 2012

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The basic approach to research methods.

Dr Elizabeth Easter

Textiles, University of Kentucky

Aug 21 2012

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No research novice or first year student should be without this book. Very essential reading.

Mr Gerald Mensah-Coker

Social Science, WEA

Aug 19 2012

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A user-friendly text with lots of practical advice for students new to undergraduate research.

Mrs Kathleen Tate

Teacher Education, Burnley College

Jun 16 2012

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I was not so impressed with this text book for my level of students seemed more appropriate for A level - I will recommend to those students at level 4 who have had no previous experience

Ms Donna` Bevan

Journalism , Southampton Solent University

May 21 2012

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too comprehensive for our methods course, insufficiently tailored to linguistics

Dr Sible Andringa

Linguistics, University of Amsterdam

May 14 2012

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A very good, simple overview of research methods which will be recommended at undergraduate level.

Miss Hannah Spring

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, York St John University College

May 02 2012

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Still reviewing other texts but may use it next spring.

Dr Annette Nelligan

College Of Educ Human Develop, University of Maine

Apr 19 2012

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This book is truly extensive and provides answers to everything in research. it is accessible as it is written so clearly. It might even be a little too extensive. It requires a student to really be able to scan read and not get caught up on all the other details. For my BSc students this might be at a slightly too 'simple' level but they often do come with questions which would be answered by this book. This is why I am going to put it on the supplemental reading list with a note that this is a real beginners guide. Now that i have read this book I think I will make it recommended reading for our MSc students (22 students) who are more beginners than our BSc's. I am also going to speak to our module leader for the MA Research methods course and see if she thinks this might be a good book for these international students. This might be the book to buy for them and take home as it will answer all their questions and more.

Ms Jennifer Parr

Nuffield Ctr for Int'l Health & Dev, Leeds University

Apr 19 2012

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A very good all-round text which gives the reader a step-by-step guide to undertaking and understanding the research process. Very good explanations offered within the text for different research aspects. I am even finding this book useful for my own studies as it is a very good aide memoire.

Mr Thomas Beary

School of Nursing and Midwifery, Hertfordshire University

Feb 16 2012

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I really liked this textbook which provides a basic foundation in research methodology. I very much see this as an introductory text as indicated in the title. It's user friendly style is reassuring for those who find this subject matter daunting. i will also be recommending this text to our undergraduate research students.

Dr Barbara Howard Hunt

Health , Birmingham City Univeristy

Feb 13 2012

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Ranjit Kumar clearly sets out the principles of carrying out research for the first time, undergraduate researcher. His methods are easily translatable to a variety of topics and provide practical tools as well as theoretical guidance.

Mrs Nina Quinlan

Sport, Health, Leisure and Nutrition, Leeds Trinity and All Saints

Jan 20 2012

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This book will be part of recommended readings for the course/module.

Professor Dong-Wook Song

School of Management & Languages, Heriot-Watt University

Jan 10 2012

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This textbook is recommeded to all students, who need do their reaserch. Th book will give them fantastic uderstanding of the reasearch matter and provide with knowledge which allow them to complete their reasearch. Easy to read and adopt.


Faculty of Media, Arts & Society, Southampton Solent University

Jan 07 2012

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A comprehensive book that covers the essentials. Highly recommended for students at all levels

Mr Ranjit Khutan

School of Health, Wolverhampton University

Jan 06 2012

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An excellent book with comprehensive coverage of all the necessary main research topics for masters students in Business and other Social Science subjects.

Mr Dave Bamber

Business & Management, Liverpool Hope University

Dec 05 2011

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A good solid introduction to research methods. Covers all of the basics needed by my final year students, these can then be built upon using more specific texts.

Mr Ian Watson

School of Computing, Engineering & IS, Northumbria University

Nov 23 2011

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This is one of the most lecturer / student friendly text book on research methodology I've come across.

Mr Andries Fourie

Accountancy, Vaal University of Technology

Nov 09 2011

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Great book, we really like it. Students were motivated much better this year than in any of the previous years, this book was a large factor in that.

Dr dirk janssen

IGAD, NHTV - International Breda University

Nov 08 2011

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a clearly set out and accessible book on research that takes the students through the research process and issues in a logical manner. I have recommended this book to a number of students - both undergraduate and Masters level.

Dr Rosie Stenhouse

School of Social and Health Sciences, University of Abertay, Dundee

Oct 28 2011

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A really accessible text for any student embarking on research.

Dr Carol Dunbar

Initial Teacher Education (Primary), Stranmillis University College

Sep 30 2011

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Fantastic: at last an essential step by step book for novice researchers: just what we need and it does what it says on the tin! I found everything I needed for my students quickly and easily. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Dr Liane Purnell

School of teacher Education, Newman University College

Sep 22 2011

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Offers a clear and informative guide through the research process at an appropriate level for Masters students. Much stronger on quantitative methods than on qualitative.

Dr Sally Richards

School of Health & Social Care, Oxford Brookes University

Aug 26 2011

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An excellent guide to research methodology - for student and lecturer alike!

Mr Harry Miller

Business School, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education

Aug 22 2011

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This is one of the best research books I have read in the past 4 years. It is very easy to read and clearly/ logically laid out. A great book for my students as an essential text.

Mrs Sharon Roberts

Faculty of Higher Education, City College Plymouth

Aug 22 2011

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We have added this text to our research methods module for our Year 2 full time and Year 3 Part time students. A clear and accessible text. The chapter on research methodology and practice evaluation is especially relevant for our students in the community youth work.


Community Youth Work, Ulster University

Aug 20 2011

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very clearly written book which explains research methods well for both under and post graduate students. Essential reading for my students even at post graduate level.

Dr Brian Nyatanga

Nursing , Worcester University

Aug 18 2011

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It is complete yet simple

Dr Samiaji Sarosa

Accounting, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University

Aug 15 2011

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This book has a balance between qualitative and quantitative methods. It is complete and comprehensive

Dr Samiaji Sarosa

Accounting, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University

Aug 15 2011

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The book is easy to read for beginners and is useful in applied research

Dr Eva Zeglovits

Dept of Methods in the Social Sciences, University of Vienna

Aug 11 2011

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Excellent text, very student friendly. More comprehensive than typical Research Methods books.

Dr Ian Tyndall

Psychology and Counselling, Chichester University

Aug 05 2011

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I found this book to be a comprehensive and readable introduction for those new to carrying out research. In particular I liked the use the ‘8 steps’ to structure the book which took the reader broadly through key stages in the research process. The book usefully takes a problem based focus and avoids overly engaging in methodological debates, which can be problematic for the beginner, to illustrate concepts. I feel this book would appeal to undergraduate students encountering research methodology for perhaps the first time and some postgraduates wishing to have an introduction to aspects of research methodology they may be less familiar with. The figures interspersed throughout the book add to it; they are clearly structured and would particularly appeal to visual learners.

Mr Kevin Hugill

School of Health, Central Lancashire University

Aug 05 2011

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I found this text to be very appropriate for the students on the MSc for several reasons: 1. It offers a step by step manual for those students who are undertaking rresearch for the first time. 2. For students with some experience it allows them to dip into chapters to access relevant information without scanning the whole book. very readable.

Dr Desiree Tait

School of human and health Sciences, University of Wales, Swansea

Jul 29 2011

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The step by step guide offered by this book is a benefit to both novice and experience researchers

Ms Emma Etuk

St Bart's Schl of Nursing & Midwifery, City University

Jul 21 2011

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I think all students would find this a useful text, regardless of level, as it can either guide students in a step-by-step basis or it can be used as framework checklist for those students who think they know what they are doing but could benefit from helpful reminders!

Professor Morag Gray

Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University

Jul 19 2011

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I think all students would find this a useful text, regardless of level, as can either guide students in a step-by-step basis or it can be used as framework checklist for those students who think they know what they are doing but could benefit from helpful reminders!

Professor Morag Gray

Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University

Jul 19 2011

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This title offers the same contents which are provided in existing literature for the course. It is not adopted because there are other books which adopt a more practical focus and which can be used as manuals with examples and discussions.

Mr Mario Moya

School of Education, Bedfordshire University

Jul 14 2011

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All level 3 students will be provided with the test book details and it will be suggested to them that in order to assist them with their studies, that this text would be advantageous to them

Mrs Natsha Barry

Business, , Harrogate College

Jul 14 2011

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A thorough text for Level 5 covering all considerations when planning Level 6 project

Mrs rhiannon macpherson

Occupational Therapy, Glyndwr University

Jul 13 2011

Report this review

A comprehensive and very clear guide. The design of the book is also very helpful in highlighting key concepts for students. This will be essential reading for our students

Mr John Gough

Social and Community Studies, Coventry University

Jul 12 2011

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A bright, breezy and practical introduction to methods.

Graham Smyth

Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University

Jul 05 2011

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An excellent introductory text that I want my students to be familiar with, so they can return to it throughout their studies for research projects in practical theology

Dr Jack Barentsen

Practical Theology, Evangelische Theologische Faculteit

Jun 30 2011

Report this review

We are planning to adapt this text in Spring of 2012. I have reviewed material in this publication and decided that students can benefit from material presented to improve their research work and their vocabulary. Thank you

Dr Avis Joseph

Agriculture Dept, Alcorn State University

Jun 27 2011

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easy to follow for the first time researcher.

Miss Susan Reeve

Health & Social care, City College Norwich

Jun 21 2011

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This is an excellent basic introductory research methods textbook for health care students. I liked the way it presents the material in a step by step approach. Whilst it talks about data management and its presentation, the great advantage of this book is the fact that it does not try to teach statistics. The students will appreciate the glossary at the back of the book. I have adopted this text for my module.

Dr Margaret Hanson

Occupational therapy, Oxford Brookes University

Jun 07 2011

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Easy to access book for undergraduates embarking on their research experience.

Mrs Michelle Rogers

Centre for Early Childhood, University of Worcester

Jun 03 2011

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An essential book on methodology by an acknowledged author. Very well written and understandable, covering all criteria, which methodological considerations need to respect.

Professor Klaus Oestreicher

International Studies , Worcester University

Jun 01 2011

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Clearly organised and accessible - this is a really useful text.

Mr Steve Dixon

Education and Creative Arts, Newman University College

May 31 2011

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This book does exactly what it says. It gives an excellent base to build upon. Especially in a subject that some find difficult to immediatly grasp. The layout is excellent and the content inclusive. The text and diagrams are very good and enables the student to have a good basis to work from during the tricky first research steps taken. I am also sure that it will be a suitable aide memoire for thoses more experienced researchers who may have been out of the evnironment for a while.

Ms Joanne O'Donnell

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, University of Manchester

May 30 2011

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WE recommend this text for students undertaking research for the first time

Mrs Debbie Steele

Department of Education, Newman College

May 28 2011

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easy read that covered topics in a logical business writing manner

Professor Sal Mirza

Buisness, Midway College

May 26 2011

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Like the structure of this book very much. It explains the process in a logical manner. The illustrations are used well to explain the process. Like the comparative tables and the summary diagram on page 21. Useful examples included.

Mrs Pauline Williams

Health , Cheshire Hospices Education

May 26 2011

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Appropriate for this level of undergraduate student

Ms Wendy Bateman

Health & Social Science, Bolton University

May 25 2011

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As noted in the description, the book is great for beginners. I will be using this text in the fall 2011 quarter for my IT Research course. It will be perfect for my student's level of research knowledge.

Mr James Anthos

Business Administration Prog, South University - Columbia

May 17 2011

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A good intorduction to reseach methods for students. Clearly and accesibly written.

Mr Abyd Quinn Aziz

School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University

May 17 2011

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this book is excellent book for research methodology. it includes details for every step in good way. the part of formulating research problem really is good.

Mr George Kodsy

information technology, college applied science

May 11 2011

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Very useful book for students who are conducting their dissertation.

Dr Rania Mostafa

Marketing and PR, Leeds Metropolitan University

May 04 2011

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This is quite valuable textbook, easy to follow and understand with relevant examples. We will be having a conference organised by the university for our Maters & Doctoral students. I will definately take it along to showcase it at the conference and recommend it to our students to buy the book. I also recommended the book to our library to consider buying it. Number of students I currently supervising are 10 and i recommended this book.

Professor Sello Mokoena

Teacher Education, University of South Africa

Mar 29 2011

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I have not yet reviewed this book, but have plans to do so this summer. If I do adopt the book, it would be for either fall 2011 or spring 2012. Thank you for the opportunity to review this book. SLW

Dr Sandra Westmoreland

Biology, Texas Woman's University

Mar 28 2011

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I am very strongly considering adopting this text. Most of our students will go on to become clinicians, not researchers. What they do not realize is that they will do research, but name it something different. Figure 1.1 caught my eye for this point. I am impressed with the organization and all of the diagrams in this text illustrating the process of research.

Pamela Reynolds

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Gannon University

Mar 22 2011

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This is at the right level for students starting their Master's dissertation. A really good overview of the key issues to consider when planning and carrying out a first research project.

Mrs Jane Richardson

institute of Health and Society, Worcester University

Mar 09 2011

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This book is fast becoming a firm favourite amongst many of our students; it is both comprehensive and accessible. This third edition marks a substantial improvement over the second. Students find his chapters on formulating a research problem and reviewing the literature, particularly helpful.

John Hoffman

Medical and Social Care Education, University of Leicester

Mar 08 2011

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this book has been added to the reading list for the introduction to research methodology mehtods. It is a useful book for those starting research as it outlines the whole process in an systematic approach.

Miss Sue Lillyman

Instiutute of health and society, University of Worcester

Mar 07 2011

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This book describes and discusses the most methods in both quantitative and qualitative methods, both from a theoretical and practical perspective. The book has a practical approach with many practical examples and is by its width, suitable for both basic and advanced courses in scientific method in both the social sciences and public health.

Mr Stefan Backe

Public Health, Skovde University

Feb 22 2011

Report this review

Informative book - siutable for M level study. Maybe too much for the majority of our group - but has skope for advanced learers. We are loking to offer more specialist subject Masters next year - and this would then become a recommended text. TDA have cut our numbers for next years PGCE cohort

Ms sarah davies

School of Education, Nottingham Trent University

Feb 17 2011

Report this review

This is really a good textbok for beginners to understand "research method"; clear and easy to read. Therefore, I recommended it as my recommended textbook.

Dr Yung-Yu Su

Graduate Institute of Health Care, Meiho University

Feb 16 2011

Report this review

Students will be advised that this book supplements this year, but will be essential for next year when they do their Independent Study. this is because the module this year is focused on methodologies of research, while the book focuses on methods and processes

Dr Clive Sealey

Institute , Worcester University

Feb 16 2011

Report this review

This is a good book for those new to research. Its step-by-step by guide as well as 'things to think about' at the end of each chapter make it very accessible

Dr Carol Fuller

Institute of Education, Reading University

Feb 15 2011

Report this review

This is a helpful guide considering research methodology from a beginner's perspective. The book provides a useful glossary of research terms, and comments clearly and succinctly on many different aspects of research. Each chapter concludes with a short summary to clarify what has been covered and suggests areas for further thought and consideration.

Dr Alaster Douglas

School of Education, Roehampton University

Feb 14 2011

Report this review

Shared with students on the module The Action Researcher: exploring contexts and issues. Many commented that they found it very easy to access but needed more indepth information for their M level studies. I would agree, but it does help students get started.

Kim Insley

Education , Institute of Education

Jan 27 2011

Report this review

This is a very clearly presented text which I have found students REALLY like because they can "dip in "to the relevant sections without having to wade through huge volumes of text. There are plenty of illustrative examples included and it is very reader friendly. I feel the key strength of this book is its applied view of research which is much welcomed particularly in my speciality of healthcare.

Dr Colin Jones

Nursing and Primary care, Liverpool John Moores University

Jan 19 2011

Report this review

a good introductory text with some interesting perspectives on research themes.

Mr andrew yorke

Institute of health and society, Worcester University

Jan 18 2011

Report this review

This book explains the research process in a clear and effective way. The diagrams are simple and easy for students to understand, and used well to demonstrate parts of the research method that sometimes take a while to explain.

Mr Matthew Stainer

School of Psychology, Dundee University

Jan 17 2011

Report this review

Accessible and easy to follow. Covers all stages of the research process. Very comprehensive and user friendly

Dr Karen Corteen

Dept of Social & Communication Studies, Chester University

Jan 13 2011

Report this review

A very good introductory book for my students.

Mr Damon Lane

History , Havering College of Further and Higher Education

Jan 12 2011

Report this review

Has all the great features ofthe original and more. Love it!

Dr Amini Kamete

Environment & Natural Resources, University of Wales, Bangor

Jan 12 2011

Report this review

I think this will prove to be a very useful book for our 3rd year students who are doing their dissertations at Level 6

Mrs Susan van Gaalen

Early Years and Childhood Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University

Jan 12 2011

Report this review

The is books is different from other books of this type. It is clearly written and good for the beginers who are doing research for the first time.

Dr Madhu Acharyya

Business School, Bournemouth University

Jan 05 2011

Report this review

This is a very useful text for novices to research and evidence based practice. It benefits from clearly laid out chapters and an articulate and user friendly writing style. This is helpful for those delving into the intracacies of research knowledge for the first time

Dr Chris Bulman

School Of Health and Social Care, Oxford Brookes University

Jan 05 2011

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This book gives a good overview of research and is useful because it covers both qualitative and quantitative paradigms, hence it is of value to those students whose research ideas are fairly embryonic

Dr Peter White

Faculty of Health Sciences, Southampton University

Dec 22 2010

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This is what it says on the cover ' research methodology for beginners. It gives students what they want - a hand holding step by step guide. When I talk to my students about research methods and integrating qualitative and quantitative methodolody into a case study, they are already heading for the door. This is easy to read and recommended for students.

Mrs Julie Murphy

Human and Health Sciences, Huddersfield University

Dec 15 2010

Report this review

This is an excellent research book written plainly so that students can understand. Some good chapters. All relevant. This book will be helpful at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Mrs Alison Williams

School of Health, Glyndwr University

Dec 14 2010

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An essential text for nursing students undertaking research modules for the first time.

Ms Louise Lawson

Dept of Nursing & Midwifery, Hertfordshire University

Dec 14 2010

Report this review

good coverage that works across a range of UG/PG levels Looks like it can be used for a number of years to come

Dr Stephen Skuce

Religion , Cliff College

Nov 27 2010

Report this review

A good easy to read introduction to research especially at UG level.

Professor Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn

Business School, Northampton University

Sep 20 2010

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Research Methodology

A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Third Edition
Ranjit Kumar University of Western Australia
© 2011   440 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd  

Available Formats

ISBN:   9781849203012 Paperback Suggested Retail Price:   $79.00 Bookstore Price:   $63.20
ISBN:   9781849203005 Hardcover Suggested Retail Price:   $159.00 Bookstore Price:   $127.20

Substantial Content Revisions

New to this edition:
  • Greater coverage of qualitative research methods
  • Greater coverage of the use of internet in research
  • Fine tuning and improving the language
  • New student learning features including, chapter objectives, glossary, key words, reflective questions and further readings

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