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The Sociology of Childhood

Third Edition
William A. Corsaro Indiana University, Bloomington
© 2011   456 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412979436 $49.00
PART ONE The Sociological Study of Childhood
Chapter 1. Social Theories of Childhood
Sociology's Rediscovery of Childhood
Traditional Theories: Socialization
Interpretive Reproduction: Children Collectively
Participate in Society
Chapter 2. The Structure of Childhood and Children's Interpretive Reproductions
Assumptions of the Structural Perspective
Childhood, Children's Activities, and Interpretive Reproduction in Peer Culture
Chapter 3. Studying Children and Childhood
Macro Level Methods
Micro Level Methods
Nontraditional Methods in Studying Children
Ethical Issues in Researching Children's Lives
PART TWO Children, Childhood, and Families in Historical and Cultural Context
Chapter 4. Historical Views of Childhood and Children
Philippe Ariès's Centuries of Childhood
The Debate Regarding Grand Stage Theories of the Family and Childhood
The New History of Childhood
Chapter 5. Social Change, Families, and Children
Examining Changes in Families from the Children's Perspective
Children's Everyday Lives in Families
The Effects of Recent Socioeconomic Changes on Children and Childhood in Western Societies
The Effects of Recent Socioeconomic Changes on Children and Childhood in Developing Societies
PART THREE Children's Cultures
Chapter 6. Children's Peer Cultures and Interpretive Reproduction
Examining Peer Culture from a Children's Perspective
Central Importance of Peer Culture in Interpretive Reproduction
Children's Transitions to Initial Peer Cultures
Symbolic Aspects of Children's Cultures
Material Aspects of Children's Cultures
Chapter 7. Sharing and Control in Initial Peer Cultures
Central Themes in Children's Initial Peer Cultures
Friendship, Sharing and Social Participation
Autonomy and Control in Peer Culture
Chapter 8. Conflict and Differentiation in the Initial Peer Culture
Conflict and Peer Relations
Social Differentiation in Initial Peer Cultures
Chapter 9. Preadolescent Peer Cultures
Peer Cultures in Preadolescence
Friendship Processes in Preadolescent Peer Cultures
Autonomy and Identity in Preadolescent Peer Cultures
PART FOUR Children, Social Problems, and the Future of Childhood
Chapter 10. Children Social Problems and the Family
Changing Family Structures and Children's Lives
Work, Families, and Childhood
Divorce and Its Effects on Children
Child Abuse in the Family
Chapter 11. Children, Social Problems, and Society
Poverty and the Quality of Children's Lives
The Human Face of Poverty: The Story of Nicholas
Teen Pregnancy and Nonmaritial Births
Violence, Victimization, and the Loss of Childhood
Chapter 12. The Future of Childhood
The Major Challenges
Some More Modest Proposals to Enrich Children's Lives
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The Sociology of Childhood

Third Edition
William A. Corsaro Indiana University, Bloomington
© 2011   456 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc  

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Second Edition: © 2005
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About This Title

Acclaimed as the best book on the sociology of children

This new edition of the only text that thoroughly covers children and childhood from a sociological perspective includes updated coverage of peer relations, friendship, and the social problems experienced by children. Throughout the book, the author's original research and the compelling photographs and vivid illustrations bring the topics to life.

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