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Scale Development

Theory and Applications Third Edition

Robert F. DeVellis University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
© 2012   216 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc   
Volume 26
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412980449 $54.00

“Scale Development is readable, concise, and affordable. Students like the book. It presents formulas but doesn’t emphasize them but rather emphasizes utility, and the book is well-suited for an audience with applied interests.”

Kathy E. Green

Denver University

"The key strength of this text is its ability to present the basic and necessary background on scale construction and measurement for the subsequent material, either in the context of the same first-year graduate course or in future courses during a masters and PhD program.”

René Bautista

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

“The author has a very nice writing style that makes reasonably complicated technical concepts clear to students who are accessing them for the first time.”

Catherine Horn

University of Houston

“This book does an excellent job in explaining complicated topics in test construction at a level that students can understand. The use of specific examples that demonstrate key points is very effective.”

Jonathan Feldman

Yeshiva University

This book is a must have in any research course, highly recommend it!

Professor Fairuz Lutz

nursing, Wesley College

Sep 16 2013

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I have used this text for several years. The writing is lucid and the content is very relevant to our nursing and pharmacy students' research. This book has been ordered for Fall 2013

Cynthia Gross

Pharmacy Dept, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Aug 08 2013

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Too specific for what I needed. A great book for a more specialized course. I will try to incorporate it in the future

Dr Clay Craig

School Of Mass Communication, Texas Technology University

Jul 19 2013

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Good book, but too high-level for my students.

Dwight Fultz

Psychology Dept, Bemidji State University

Jul 05 2013

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I was going to use that with my other textbook, Psychometrics, because it was getting dated. I just learned there will be a new edition of Psychometrics and have asked our bookstore to order it.

Dr Barry Edelstein

Psychology Dept, West Virginia University

Apr 04 2013

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I intend to use this as one of two required texts for RPTS 615, Analytic Techniques in RPTS. It is an outstanding introduction to measurement of psychological constructs. I have used earlier editions previously during an appointment at a different university.

Dr Gary Ellis

Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Texas A&M University-College Station

Feb 07 2013

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Excellent book - brief and provides important info in easily understandable manner

Phyllis Solomon

School Of Social Work, University of Pennsylvania

Jan 17 2013

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It is a great introduction to scale development.

Michel dupagne

School Of Communication, University of Miami

Jan 15 2013

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adopted for assessment course due to detailed descriptions of scale development.

Dr Kevin Lyness

Psychology Dept, Antioch New England Graduate School

Oct 16 2012

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Ms Ajlina Karamehic-Muratovic

Sociology Criminal Just Dept, St Louis University

Sep 29 2012

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very good written book...

Mr Martin Krippl

Institute of Psychology 2, University of Magdeburg

Mar 19 2012

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Short and excellent.

Professor Everett Worthington

Psychology Dept, Virginia Commonwealth University

Jan 25 2012

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left ASU

Professor Marley Watkins

Psychology In Education Div, Arizona State University - Tempe

Nov 06 2011

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Great Book.

Dr Jeff Strain

Psychology Philosophy Dept, Texas Woman's University

Oct 09 2011

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This is a great book on scale development for this part of the course.

Professor Paul Hackett

Grad Sch Of Arts Social Sci, Lesley University

Oct 06 2011

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I have made the book a recommended text. I am currently using Crocker and Algina which has more on measurement issues like standard setting and equating, two topics that we cover in the 2 semester course. Scale development is great for the early part of semester 1.

Dr Robert Dedrick

Educational Measure Rsrch Dept, University of South Florida

Sep 17 2011

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I have been using this book since it first edition. However, I have not received the new edition yet. Please, if possible send it as soon as you can because I use it in both terms of fall and spring. Thank you.

Dr Ernesto Rosario-Hernandez

Psychology , Ponce School of Medicine

Sep 02 2011

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Scale Development

Theory and Applications

Third Edition
Robert F. DeVellis University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
© 2012   216 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc  
Volume 26

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ISBN:   9781412980449 Paperback Suggested Retail Price:   $54.00 Bookstore Price:   $43.20

Previous Editions Published by SAGE

Second Edition: © 2003
First Edition: © 1991

About This Title

This book presents complex concepts in a way that helps students to understand the logic underlying the creation, use, and evaluation of measurement instruments and to develop a more intuitive feel for how scales work. Robert DeVellis demystifies measurement by relating it to familiar experiences and by emphasizing a conceptual rather than a strictly mathematical understanding. Students’ attention is drawn to important concepts that are foundational for subsequent topics, with opportunities provided to test understanding through chapter summaries and exercises.

Scale Development is widely adopted on graduate courses in departments of psychology, public health, nursing, education, and marketing, and has proved invaluable to applied researchers across the social sciences.

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