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Cities in a World Economy

Fourth Edition
Saskia Sassen Columbia University, USA
© 2012   424 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412988032 $47.00

“No other book locates cities (as distinct but changing settlement forms and institutional arrangements) in the world economy so clearly and concisely.”

Renia Ehrenfeucht

University Of New Orleans

“I enjoy teaching with this book. It is much more challenging than a traditional textbook, and students learn about globalization, post-industrialization, stratification, gender and race inequality, and of course the importance of urbanization and the rise of global cities.”

Stephanie Moller

University Of North Carolina-Charlotte

Higher level than I could use for Sophomores and even Juniors. I may use it for my "World Society" course I am teaching in Summer 2014. Too much text made it challenging to implement as readings.

Mr Mark Caldwell

Sociology Dept, Univ Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Feb 28 2014

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A very highly recommended book for any student of urban and economic geography.

Dr Diganta Das

Humanities and Social Studies, National Institute of Education (NIE)

Oct 24 2013

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An excellent contribution to the debate. The text is very well structured and provides a wide variety of useful insights.

Dr Deiric Ó Broin

School of Spatial Planning, Dublin Institute of Technology

Nov 11 2012

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an essential update of a key textbook

Mr Richard Kotter

Please select your department, Please select your institution

Jul 03 2012

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I will be using parts of this book in order to provide a more critical and rounded understanding of the role that location plays in globalisation. Chapter 5, with the more detailed examination of particular cases, has I believe a special didactic value. I was also planning to deliver a session on mobility of workforce. The perspective of Chapter 7, with its focus on the "other workers" in advanced globalised economies will be a crucial departure from the usual emphasis on the high-skill workers and a great way to give students a more comprehensive view of the flows of people in globalised conditions. Overall, I plan to include parts of the book as essential readings for discussion in my classes and to recommend the whole book to my students as a great way to explore the continuing role of location and in particular cities in modern economies.

Dr Ioanna Chini

Department of Business and Management, Sussex University

Dec 12 2011

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Cities in a World Economy

Fourth Edition
Saskia Sassen Columbia University, USA
© 2012   424 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc  

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ISBN:   9781412988032 Paperback Suggested Retail Price:   $47.00 Bookstore Price:   $37.60

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About This Title

The Fourth Edition of Cities in a World Economy shows how certain characteristics of flows of money, information, and people have led to the emergence of a new social formation: global cities, new types of migrations, financial crises, environmental catastrophes, and the multiplication of communication technologies. These developments give new meaning to such fixtures of urban sociology as the centrality of place and the importance of geography in our social world.

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