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Social Marketing

Six-Volume Set
R. Craig Lefebvre University of South Florida, USA
© 2013   2408 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Hardcover ISBN: 9781446253113 $1,400.00
The theory and practice of social marketing has steadily been gaining significance following its conception over four decades ago, and has since been adopted by an ever expanding group of practitioners, academics, researchers and policymakers in governments around the world. A key feature underlined in this work is how social marketing stands apart from other approaches to health promotion and disease prevention, environmental sustainability, safety and injury prevention and other topics, by searching for population level impacts that can be achieved by:

" Using marketing techniques such as audience segmentation

" Implementing product and service development

" Realigning incentives and removing barriers to behaviour change

" Increasing opportunities to practice healthier and more socially beneficial behaviours

" Creating communication strategies to promote, encourage and support positive behaviour changes that ultimately benefit society as a whole.

Bringing together seminal texts from diverse sources, this six-volume set - framed by a newly written introductory chapter - seeks to organize the field of social marketing, highlight its global scope and contributions, and present its current growth and dynamism.

Volume One: Social marketing: Conceptual frameworks and common ground

Volume Two: Social marketing in the developed world

Volume Three: Social marketing in developing countries - Part One

Volume Four: Social marketing in developing countries - Part Two

Volume Five: Applications of Social Marketing for Sustainable Behavior and Environmental Protection

Volume Six: Social marketing: Deepening and expanding the impact

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