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Bringing Fieldwork Back In

Contemporary Urban Ethnographic Research

Elijah Anderson Yale University
   280 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc   
Volume 642
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Paperback ISBN: 9781452258942 $35.00
Hardcover ISBN: 9781452258935 $48.00
The Iconic Ghetto Elijah Anderson
The Legacy of Racial Caste Elijah Anderson, Duke W. Austin, Vani S. Kulkarni, and Craig Holloway
Manhood in the Margins: Culture, Crisis, and Masculinity in the Making of Middle-Class Black Men Saida Grundy
The Bonds of Brotherhood: Emotional and Social Support among College Black Men Brandon A. Jackson
Ethnography of Emergent Practice in Highly Uncertain Conditions Vida Bajc
“Scrub”: Using Multi–Site Analysis to Analyze the Status System among Basketball Players Scott N. Brooks
Suspending Narrative Engagements: The Case of Pick–up Basketball Michael F. DeLand
“The Camera Rolls”: Using Third-Party Video in Field Research Nikki Jones and Geoffrey Robinson
An Ethnographic Portrait of a Precarious Life Waverly Duck
Down and Out in Atlantic City Jacob Avery
The Making and Unmaking of Local Democracy in an Indian Village Vani S. Kulkarni
“Call me Mama”: An Ethnographic Portrait of an Employer of Undocumented Workers Esther Chihye Kim
The Presentation of Self in Emigration: Eastern European Women in Italy Martina Cvajner
Influx: Black Urban Women’s Migration to Rural Pennsylvania Betty L. McCall
“Litterers”: How Physical Disorder Is Used to Construct Social Disorder in a Poor Suburb Alexandra K. Murphy
Reflections of Self from Missing Things: How People Move On from Losing Possessions Brandon Berry
Wounded: Life After the Shooting Jooyoung Lee

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