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Translation & Subsidiary Rights Requests for Books

U.S. SAGE Publications:
Translation rights requests for SAGE Publications, Inc., Pine Forge Press or Corwin Press should be sent to our California office using our Translation and Subsidiary rights.

U.K SAGE Publications, Ltd:
For translation rights requests for SAGE Publications, Ltd. and Paul Chapman Press titles, published by our London office, please utilize the U.K.  Foreign Rights Request Form.

Information for Translators

It is our policy to contract directly with the foreign language publisher. The foreign language publisher makes its own arrangements with the translator. The foreign language publisher is free to contract with the translator it feels most appropriate to complete a true and faithful translation of the original within the time constraints.If you are interested in pursuing the idea of translating the book, we make the following suggestions:

  • Find out what publishers are currently publishing in this area in the relevant country
  • Write a formal proposal to send to publishers with a description of the book
  • If you require additional details to support your proposal from SAGE Publications, please feel free to contact us.

Information for Publishers

  • Interested publishers should contact the Subsidiary Rights Department at SAGE Publications, Inc.  to request a reading copy of the book and to ascertain if the rights are available.
  • In order to assess a proposal to contract, the interested publisher should provide SAGE Publications with the information requested at Translation and Subsidiary rights.

Subsidiary Rights:
Audio, large print, serial, film/tv, hardcover, paperback, condensation, and book club requests for titles published by SAGE Publications, Inc.,  by Pine Forge Press or Corwin Press should be directed to Anna Termine, Subsidiary Rights Specialist, at