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Books Permissions

Sage Publications, Inc. is partnered with Copyright Clearance Center for the administration of requests for permission to use SAGE material. Most requests made through the Copyright Clearance Center can be processed immediately. Please direct all permissions requests to the Copyright Clearance Center at

Classroom and Academic Photocopy Permission Requests: These requests are also handled by the Copyright Clearance Center.  Please direct all photocopy requests to the Copyright Clearance Center at

If you are unable to secure permission through the Copyright Clearance Center, please email us at Please be sure your email includes the name of the content for which you are seeking permission & a description of your intended use. Your request will be handled as quickly as possible, but please allow up to four weeks for a response.

Permission for Images, Figures, or Tables

Before requesting permission from Copyright Clearance Center, please check the book to be sure the image or figure you wish to reproduce is not credited to another source. The citation may be listed under the figure or in a credit section of the publication. Sage Publications, Inc. can only authorize permissions for material for which it holds the copyright. You will need to secure permission to use any material copyrighted to another source directly from the source cited.

Authors Reprinting Their Own Work

If you are an Author inquiring about the re-use of your work, please note that Authors may re-use excerpts from their SAGE book in any print-form work subsequently written or edited by the Author or for non-profit classroom teaching, without seeking permission from SAGE. For any other use of your work, please email us at, and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

For Disability Services for Students in Need of Alternative Text Formats

SAGE has recently partnered with the AccessText Network for administration of disability requests. If your organization is a member of the AccessText Network, please submit your request to AccessText at If your organization is not a member, please email your request to