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A Reader

Sunil Manghani Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, UK
Arthur Piper University of Nottingham
Jon Simons Indiana University
© 2007   352 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
Sixty Day Exam Copy
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412900454 $80.00
Hardcover ISBN: 9781412900447 $147.00
If contemporary culture is an image culture, how should we understand and analyze the vast range of images among which we live? 

Images: A Reader provides a key resource for students, academics, practitioners and other readers engaged in the critical, theoretical and practical study of images. The Reader is concerned with the notion of the 'image' in all its theoretical, critical and practical contexts, uses and history. It provides a map of the differences and similarities between the various disciplinary approaches to images, breaking the ground for a new interdisciplinary study of images, in the arts and humanities and beyond.

Images: A Reader is divided into three parts:
  • Historical and Philosophical Precedents sets the background for contemporary debates about images
  • Theories of Images provides key texts of the major approaches through which images are conceptualized
  • Image Culture introduces some of the more recent debates about images and today’s visual environment

The selection of over 80 key readings, across the domains of philosophy, art, literature, science, critical theory and cultural studies tells the story of images through intellectual history from the Bible to the present. By including both well-established writings and more recent, innovative research, the Reader outlines crucial developments in contemporary discourses about images.

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