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Authors who would like to refine the use of English in their manuscripts might consider using the services of a professional English-language editing company. We highlight some of these companies below.

Please be aware that SAGE has no affiliation with these companies and makes no endorsement of them. An author's use of these services in no way guarantees that his or her submission will ultimately be accepted. Any arrangement an author enters into will be exclusively between the author and the particular company, and any costs incurred are the sole responsibility of the author.

  • bioedit logoBioedit Ltd offers high-quality, specialised editing of papers in bioscience and medical research. The texts are edited by an expert team of native English-speaking editors with PhDs/MDs and excellent track records as editors, reviewers, and/or researchers.

    Visit www.bioedit.co.uk for more information on Bioedit Ltd’s services.

  • Bioscience logo

    Bioscience Editing Solutions is a premier scientific editing and proofreading company focused on helping scientists achieve publication success. We have assisted scientists throughout the world perfect manuscripts for journal submission and have the practical knowledge and experience needed for authors to be as competitive as possible. Our editors are all native English-speaking Ph.D. and M.D. academic and industry scientists with proven publication records in top-tier journals. We have editors with subject expertise in all areas of science and medicine.

    • Editing is performed by 2 independent editors
    • One low price for all editing and revisions
    • Editing completed within 2-4 days; 24 rush hour service also available
    • Unlimited free revisions
    • 100% guarantee
    • Open communication with editors throughout the process
    • Free quote within 1 hour

    SAGE Journal authors will receive a 10% discount from Bioscience Editing Solutions!

  • Charlesworth Author Services offers language ‘polishing’ services in the Science, Technology and Medical fields – i.e. editing/rewriting for authors ahead of submission for peer review. Their website provides online submission and tracking of manuscripts and support is available online or by telephone in Chinese or English. Their specialist editors are based in the UK and the US/Canada.

    Please visit www.charlesworthauthorservices.com for more information.

  • EBM English Services

    The Journal of Experimental Biology and Medicine is offering an English review service for non-native English authors submitting manuscripts.

    Why use EBM English Services?

    EBM English Services offers a low-cost option for English review at $0.03 per word (not including references).

    Your manuscript will receive the attention of scientifically trained English reviewers associated with the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, who are vetted and experienced professionals.

    We guarantee 48 hour turn-around of English review for submitted manuscripts after remittance of payment.

    For more information visit http://ebmenglishservices.squarespace.com/ or contact

  • editage logoEditage
    Editage is a professional English-language editing company with offices in the US, Japan, India, South Korea, and China. It caters largely to academic researchers, universities, and research institutions, providing a full range of editing and publication support services aimed at maximising chances of publication. Services offered include English-Language Editing, Journal Selection, Journal Submission, Artwork Preparation, Pre-submission Peer Review, Response to Reviewer Comments, and Conference Poster Preparation.

    Editage ensures high-quality editing through a stringent editor recruitment process and intensive, ongoing editor training programmes. Its editing team has expertise in a wide variety of subject areas and comprises masters degree holders, PhDs, and licensed physicians. Many of its editors have successfully completed the BELS (Board of Editors in Life Sciences) certification examination.  

  • Editage is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company and offers a quality guarantee for each and every editing assignment.

    For the convenience of clients from various regions, Editage has websites in the following languages:

  • emedits logoEmedits Global Ltd specialises in medical and bioscience editing with a focus on helping authors and researchers intending to publish in international journals.

    They offer a wide range of editorial and publication support services such as English-language editing, formatting of manuscripts to meet journal-specific author guidelines, journal selection, cover letter writing, point-by-point responses, revision of articles for resubmission, medical translation, and a variety of medical writing services.

    Their expert team includes English-speaking MD/PhD scientists from top universities, former medical journal editors, journal reviewers, and researchers. All have their own publications in top-tier journals. We have experience in all medical subject areas and a proven track record in helping authors to achieve publication success.

    Emedits also offer Japanese translation and can provide support online or by telephone in English or Japanese.

    Please visit their company website for more information.

  • OnLine English (www.oleng.com.au) offers first-class scientific and academic editing. We specialise in providing an English correction and improvement service for authors whose native language is not English.

    OnLine English guarantees that research papers are edited by experts, most with PhDs and many years of experience. We cover a wide range of academic and research disciplines. We have international quality assurance accreditation (ISO 9001:2000).

    OnLine English continues to offer assistance after the document is returned.

    OnLine English specialises in journal submission. However, we edit documents of all types (for example, research papers and abstracts, conference presentations, referees' reports, responses to referees' reports, educational and teaching materials,  CVs, newsletter articles, annual reports, proposals and submissions).

    For more details about the service and prices, please see the website or email us at ole@oleng.com.au.

  • SciTechEdit International (www.SciTechEdit.com) specialises in editing, polishing, proofreading, and translating science manuscripts for all fields, including medicine, biology, chemistry, life sciences, physics, and technology, for publication in English-language science journals.  Our editors have extensive experience helping authors publish their manuscripts in top-tier science journals at reasonable rates.

  • Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP)Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP)
    The SfEP is the UK-based membership organisation for editors and proofreaders. Our members provide services to individual authors, publishers, companies, government agencies and other bodies.

    Our online directory of editorial services gives you access to almost 500 SfEP members, and contains details of the skills, subjects and services they offer. All those included in our directory are full members of the SfEP, giving you the reassurance that they fulfil criteria relating to professional experience and training.

    ·  There are no agency fees for you to pay – you deal directly with your chosen editor or proofreader.
    ·   Our editors and proofreaders all have proven professional experience and training, and are backed by the SfEP Code of Practice.
    ·   You can find editors and proofreaders who have the skills you need (e.g. editing non-native English), in your specialist subject area.
    ·   You can arrange deadlines and agree a fee with the individual editor or proofreader.

  • SPi logoSPi is a non-affiliated company that offers Professional Editing Services to authors of journal articles in the areas of science, technology, medicine or the social sciences. SPi specialises in editing and correcting English-language manuscripts written by authors with a primary language other than English.

    Visit www.prof-editing.com for more information about SPi's Professional Editing Services, pricing, and turn-around times, or to obtain a free quote or submit a manuscript for language polishing.