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Journal of Conflict Resolution

University of Maryland, USA
Manuscripts should be submitted electronically at Submitted papers should be double-spaced throughout, with footnotes, references, tables, and graphs on separate pages, and should follow The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition). Total word count, including everything, should be at a minimum about 8,000 and not exceed 11,000 words. The word count should appear on the title page. Manuscripts will be sent out anonymously for editorial evaluation, so the author's name and affiliation should appear only on a separate cover page; all other documents should be fully anonymized. Manuscripts should begin with an abstract of no more than 150 words.  A statement of our evaluation procedures appears in the March 1978 issue.

Submission of a manuscript implies commitment to publish in the journal. Authors submitting manuscripts to the journal should not simultaneously submit them to another journal, nor should manuscripts have been published elsewhere in substantially similar form or with substantially similar content. Authors in doubt about what constitutes prior publication should consult the editor. 

Replication Policy. Authors of quantitative empirical articles must make their data and other relevant material available for replication purposes. Please note the firm JCR replication policy. The JCR will not publish any articles (in print or online) until the Editor has received all the necessary replication materials. Required material would include all data, specialized computer programs, program recodes, and an explanatory file describing what is included and how to reproduce the published results. This material must be posted by the month of publication. Information that must remain confidential--such as that which would identify survey respondents--should be removed. All files should be sent electronically to the Managing Editor at for posting alongside the electronic version of the article on the web site maintained by our publisher at In addition, authors may post their data files on their own websites or anywhere else they wish. Users of all data posted at the JCR SAGE web site will be expected to acknowledge the posting used.

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Months of Distribution: February , March , April , June , August , September , October , December Current Volume: 59 Current Issue: 4
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