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Evaluation & the Health Professions

University of Southern California, USA
2013 Impact Factor: 1.672
2013 Ranking: 35/70 in Health Policy & Services | 44/86 in Health Care Sciences & Services
Source: 2013 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2014)
Evaluation & the Health Professions provides health-related professionals with state-of-the-art methodological, measurement, and statistical tools for conceptualizing the etiology of health promotion and problems, and developing, implementing, and evaluating health programs, teaching and training services, and products that pertain to a myriad of health dimensions. It is designed to provide a forum for keeping health professionals abreast of the latest technological advances in evaluation research methods through practitioner friendly articles, as well as provide the results of important evaluations. Further, the Journal is designed to provide a forum for debate of timely evaluation issues in health research and evaluation.

Multidisciplinary Perspective

For well over 30 years, Evaluation & the Health Professions has offered a broad, multidisciplinary approach to the conduct of rigorous original research that focuses on the results of evaluation studies. It is increasingly recognized as the premiere methodological resource in the health professions as well as a source for innovative outcome evaluations that potentially affect patients’ quality of life. Articles often influence, not only the design of health care research and evaluations, but also the delivery of health care programs themselves.

Translational Research Focus

Most recently Evaluation & the Health Professions has dedicated itself to issues related to translation research, which is defined as (1) the process of applying discoveries generated during research in the laboratory to the development of trials in humans and (2) enhancing the adoption of these results into health care practices and products that potentially improve health within the community. The journal considers this arena a natural extension of the evaluation process itself and intends to become a leading outlet for articles addressing important issues in this recently adopted major NIH Roadmap Initiative

Current and Comprehensive

Recent articles discussing topics of vital importance to researchers and evaluators:
  • A multi-method intervention to improve adherence to clinical practice guidelines
  • Evaluating the relevance and external validity of translational research
  • Acupuncture as an expectancy effect
  • Relationship between resident workload and inpatient satisfaction
  • Assessment of physicians’ clinical skills
  • Determining the statistical significance of HRQOL changes in individual patients
  • History of research synthesis
  • Development of the Cochrane centralized register of controlled clinical trials
State-of-the-Art Special Issues

Evaluation & the Health Professions averages at least one special issue per year with invited articles by the leading researchers and thinkers in the most pressing research and methodological arenas. Recent examples include:
  • Evaluation in Clinical and Translational Science, Part 2
    (Paul E. Mazmanian, Editor - March, 2014)
  • Evaluation in Clinical and Translational Science, Part 1
    (Paul E. Mazmanian, Editor - December, 2013)
  • Surveying Clinicians
    (Jonathan B. VanGeest and Timothy P. Johnson, Editor - September, 2013)
  • Qualitative Research and Evidence-based Practices
    (Steve Sussman, Editor - September, 2011) 
  • Special Populations
    (Steve Sussman, Editor - December, 2010)
  • Professional Competence-Related Concerns
    (Steve Sussman, Editor - September, 2010)
  • Complementary and Alternative Medical Research: Issues and Opportunities
    (R. Barker Bausell, Editor - December, 2009)
  • International Translation of Health Behavior Research Innovations
    (Steve Sussman, Editor - June and September, 2008)
  • Translation Issues in Prevention and Treatment Research
    (Steve Sussman, Editor - March, June, and September, 2006)
  • Methodological Issues Related to QOL Measurement
    (David Cella, Editor - March 2005)
  • Power Analysis
    (R. Barker Bausell, Editor - September, 2003)
  • Recent Advances in Placebo Research
    (R. Barker Bausell, Editor - December, 2002)
  • The Cochrane Collaboration: Preparing, Maintaining, and Promoting the Accessibility of Systematic Reviews of Health Care Interventions
    (Mike Clarke, Editor - March, 2002)
  • Recent Methodological Advances in the Conduct of Meta-Analysis
    (R. Barker Bausell, Editor - June and September, 2001)

This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

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