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Journal of Holistic Nursing

Vice President of Academic Affairs at Chamberlain College of Nursing, Chicago, IL, USA

Official Journal of the American Holistic Nurses Association

Journal of Holistic Nursing

Purpose. The purpose of the Journal of Holistic Nursing is to publish work that contributes to the development of knowledge regarding holism and holistic health and nursing with an emphasis on research, practice, education, and aesthetics.


Aims. The aims of the Journal of Holistic Nursing are:

  • to provide a venue for the publication and dissemination of significant and exceptional work that makes a contribution to the advancement of holistic health and nursing;
  • to support the scholarship of holistic nurses and other health care providers by creating a forum for sharing research, practice, education, and aesthetic works;
  • to offer a systematic and precise review of manuscripts using standards that enhance the presentation and expression of important holistic work;
  • to encourage and support the development of excellence in scholarly writing and review in the holistic field;
  • to create a forum for dialogue associated with diverse and innovative research, practice, education, and aesthetics; and
  • to provide a resource of reputable scholarship for holistic researchers, practitioners, educators, and artists that may improve the quality of life for all people.


Scope. Manuscripts are solicited that deal with the processes of knowledge development and application including research, concept analysis and theory development, practical applications of research and theory, clinical case studies and analysis, practice applications in general, educational approaches and evaluation, and aesthetic expressions of holistic knowledge.  While the journal seeks to support work grounded in evidence, the editorial philosophy suggests that there are many diverse sources of “evidence” beyond the realm of what is called “empirical” and that many methods are appropriate for discovering evidence and generating knowledge.  Each issue contains an array of articles representing the four emphasis areas of research, practice, education, and aesthetics.  Manuscripts are published according to receipt and approval dates, although some issues may deal with a specific topic depending on the variety of manuscripts accepted for publication.  The focus and suggested content for articles related to the four emphasis areas is described below.  It is recognized that there will be cases where some articles may represent more than one emphasis area or may not fit precisely into one of the emphasis areas.


  • Research.  Manuscripts should be written in a format consistent with the design of the research.  A wide variety of forms of inquiries are acceptable.  All research manuscripts should include a clear and concise summary of the purpose and aims of the research, background and significance including relevant literature, theoretical framework or orientation, the design, the participants, data collection and analysis processes and procedures, ethical protections, credibility and legitimacy issues and approaches, findings, and implications of findings.

  • Practice.  Manuscripts should address issues and concerns critical to practice from a holistic perspective.  Focus on extension of current practice knowledge or innovations in practice knowledge are welcomed.  Manuscripts should be written in a style that would appeal to practitioners providing a clear description of the focus, populations and conditions addressed, overview of relevant literature and current state of practice knowledge, detailed description of approaches and strategies and how they are applied, evaluation of practice, and implications for research, education, and practice.

  • Education.  Manuscripts should address issues and concerns critical to educating for advancing the science and art of holism in nursing and health care.  Manuscripts are accepted on a wide array of topics that include teaching holistic content as well as teaching holistically.  Educating teachers, practitioners, leaders,  artists, and scientists are within the scope of this emphasis area.  Manuscripts should be written in style that would appeal to educators providing a clear description of the focus, types of students and teaching situations addressed, overview of relevant literature related to the educational topic, detailed description of educational processes, approaches, and practices, evaluation of educational processes, approaches, and practices, and implications for research, education, and practice.
  • Aesthetic.  Manuscripts should address the significant nature and role of art as an aspect of holism and holistic nursing and health care.  Manuscripts are accepted on a wide array of content that includes products of holistic art, processes of holistic artistic creation, and inquiries, critiques, and evaluations of holistic art and its expression.  Manuscripts should be written in a style and format that best represents the focus and purpose of the aesthetic presentation.  Manuscripts should provide a clear description of the focal aesthetic product, process, and/or expression, describe why the art is uniquely or distinctively holistic, provide an aesthetic critique or evaluation, and describe the meanings and implications for education, practice, and/or research.  In the case of aesthetic inquiries, a complete yet concise description of the inquiry including its intent, design, credibility and legitimacy, understandings, and implications should be provided.


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Months of Distribution: March , June , September , December Current Volume: 33 Current Issue: 2
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