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Structural Health Monitoring

An International Journal

Stanford University, USA
Scientific Editor:
NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, USA
Managing Editors:
Vanderbilt University, USA
Editor Emeritus:
University of Cincinnati, USA

Structural Health Monitoring publishes peer-reviewed papers that contain theoretical, analytical, and experimental investigations that advance the body of knowledge and its application in the discipline of structural health monitoring.

The journal has a broad topical coverage and it serves as a primary reference for the structural health monitoring of aeronautical, mechanical, civil, electrical, and other systems. The multidisciplinary nature of the journal is intended to foster the intersection of different technologies to address the varied needs and applications for structural health monitoring.

Papers are sought that explore the following issues and areas related to structural health monitoring:

  • self-diagnostics, prognostics, condition-based maintenance and performance
  • vibration and wave propagation methods for damage assessment
  • advanced signal processing and interpretation techniques for monitoring and diagnostics
  • sensor design, self-powered and low power sensors
  • data mining, data management
  • the use of smart materials and new sensor materials
  • monitoring of composite, metallic, new, and aging structures and infrastructure
  • monitoring of structural repairs
  • sensor network design, data transmission, wired and wireless communication
  • embedding technology, sensor/structure integration technology
  • development of self-repairable structures
  • monitoring of survivability and readiness assessment
  • structural integrity and remaining life predictions based on sensor management
  • design of multifunctional structures and integration of structural health monitoring and control
  • sensors for high temperature applications, in-situ sensors
  • monitoring of biomechanical, electromechanical, and thermal systems
  • fault diagnosis of avionics, propulsion, power, and electronic systems
  • structural health monitoring system integration and validation
  • bio-nanotechnology applied to structural monitoring
  • interdisciplinary approaches and applications for structural health monitoring
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Frequency: Bi-monthly eISSN: 1741-3168 ISSN: 1475-9217
Months of Distribution: January , March , May , July , September , November Current Volume: 14 Current Issue: 3
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