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Journal of Management

Official Journal of the Southern Management Association

University of South Carolina

Published by SAGE in association with the Southern Management Association

Overview of Review Process

Instructions for Authors

The Journal of Management (JOM) publishes scholarly empirical, theoretical, and review articles dealing with management. Manuscripts that are suitable for publication in the journal cover areas such as business strategy and policy, entrepreneurship, human resource management, organizational behavior, organizational theory, and research methods.

The following brief checklist provides a quick reference for you to follow during your submission and manuscript review process.

  • Papers submitted should not be under concurrent consideration at another journal.
  • Any potential data overlap with previous studies should be noted and described in the letter to the Editor.
  • All new manuscripts should be submitted electronically. Electronic submissions should be uploaded to the Journal of Management by accessing
  • Files should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  • All manuscripts must adhere to the JOM Style Guide.
  • Papers that severely violate the spirit of the guidelines (e.g., papers that are single-spaced, papers that use footnotes rather than conventional referencing formats, papers that greatly exceed 50 pages), or which do not clearly fit the mission of the journal will be returned to authors without being reviewed.
  • Authors should keep in mind that papers are evaluated on a page to contribution ratio.
  • We require that you have a colleague peer review any paper you submit to the Journal of Management. Please acknowledge your peer reviewer(s) and include other author notes in the letter to the Editor.
  • Accepted papers must fully adhere to the guidelines.

Points of Interest

  • Submissions will be acknowledged via email upon receipt. We strive to make an editorial decision in under 90 days, but circumstances beyond our control occasionally dictate a longer cycle.
  • Each paper is reviewed by at least two reviewers and is also read by the action editor (either the Editor or an Associate Editor). Results of our decision, along with copies of the reviews, will be forwarded to the contact author as quickly as possible.
  • If authors are invited to prepare a revision for further consideration, our letters of invitation will outline the key issues to be resolved and an assessment of the likelihood of success.
  • Authors are normally given three to six months from the date of the invitation to prepare a revision. Our policy is to strive to make a final publication decision after one or two revisions (of course, further work may also be requested to resolve any remaining issues).
  • Papers accepted to the Journal of Management become part of the OnlineFirst system, which provides immediate access to finalized manuscripts prior to their physical printing. Relatively few articles can be printed in any given issue of the Journal of Management, yet several articles have already been approved. OnlineFirst allows researchers and others in the field to read and cite the most current information available. Please go to to view in press articles.

Thank you for considering the Journal of Management as a publication outlet. We look forward to reviewing your research!

SAGE Choice and Open Access

If you or your funder wish your article to be freely available online to non subscribers immediately upon publication (gold open access), you can opt for it to be included in SAGE Choice, subject to payment of a publication fee. The manuscript submission and peer review procedure is unchanged. To check journal eligibility and the publication fee, please visit SAGE Choice. For more information on open access options and compliance at SAGE, including self author archiving deposits (green open access) visit SAGE Publishing Policies on our Journal Author Gateway.

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Frequency: Bi-monthly eISSN: 1557-1211 ISSN: 0149-2063
Months of Distribution: January , March , May , July , September , November Current Volume: 41 Current Issue: 5
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