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Journal of Education for Sustainable Development

Director, Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad, India
Executive Director, Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Australia Inc., Sydney, Australia

Published in Association with Centre for Environment Education

Call for Papers

The Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (JESD) is a forum for academics and practitioners to share and critique innovations in thinking and practice in the emerging field of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). A peer-reviewed international journal, JESD aims at global readership and is published twice a year.

The journal seeks articles from the field of environmental education, which pioneered much of the work in ESD, as well as from economics, communications, education, social sciences and the humanities.

The journal is formatted in sections of news, opinion, project descriptions, research, academic opportunities and reviews. Research articles develop, test, or advance ESD theory, research or practice. Project descriptions focus on innovative ESD projects and programmes. A special section addresses international news and events related to the Education for Sustainable Development. The journal publishes reviews of books, videos/films, curricula, and other print and nonprint ESD materials and programmes. Notes and comments from readers continue the discussion.

Contributions to all sections are welcome.

This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
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Frequency: Bi-annually eISSN: 0973-4074 ISSN: 0973-4082
Months of Distribution: March , September Current Volume: 9 Current Issue: 1
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