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Journal of Primary Care & Community Health

Walden University

Journal of Primary Care & Community Health is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the study, practice, impact and outcomes of primary care services and community health programs. Evidence in the form of hypothesis-testing studies is presented, either in the form of pilot projects or larger intervention projects.

The audience is primary care providers and community health professionals who study their own patients for the purpose of promoting health and preventing disease. Physicians, allied health professionals, community health educators, and epidemiologists who study health behavior and health outcomes will find the content relevant and useful to their daily activities.

The editor seeks research letters, case studies, pilot studies and commentaries.

Papers address the following topics:
• Accessibility of services and programs to vulnerable groups
• Delivery of screening tests
• Compliance with medications
• Unplanned return visits, referral to specialists or avoidable hospital admissions
• Informatics in primary care
• Over-use of primary care or community health services
• Client or patient satisfaction
• Change in knowledge, attitudes or intended behavior
• Change of a lifestyle change program
• Cost per client of community health interventions compared to alternatives. Targeted behaviors
   might be unprotected sexual activity, abuse of drugs or alcohol, over-eating, physical activity, obesity,
   smoking or other health risks.
• Change in morbidity, such as reduced infection rates, reduced rates of low birth weight deliveries,
   reduced prematurity, and reduced infant mortality
• Change in self-rated health, disability and/or frequent mental distress (FMD)

This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)


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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 2150-1327 ISSN: 2150-1319
Months of Distribution: January , April , July , October Current Volume: 6 Current Issue: 3
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