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Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
Incoming Editor:
Bowling Green State University
Editorial Board:
David Abrahamson Northwestern University
Alison F. Alexander University of Georgia
Julie Andsager University of Tennessee
Erica Austin Washington State University
Benjamin J. Bates University of Tennessee
James Baughman University of Wisconsin
Randal A. Beam University of Washington
Christopher Beaudoin Texas A&M University, USA
Lee B. Becker University of Georgia
Dan Berkowitz University of Iowa
Kim Bissell University of Alabama
Matthew Bunker University of Alabama
Richard F. Carter University of Washington
Edward Caudill University of Tennessee
Joseph Man Chan Chinese University of Hong Kong
Iris Chyi The University of Texas at Austin
Renita Coleman University of Texas
Claes de Vreese University of Amsterdam
Bryan Denham Clemson University
Francesa Dillman Carpentier University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
David Domke University of Washington
Robert E. Drechsel University of Wisconsin
Sharon Dunwoody University of Wisconsin
Michel Dupagne University of Miami
Frederick G. Fico Michigan State University
Jean Folkerts University of North Carolina
Bruce Garrison University of Miami
James E. Grunig University of Maryland
Elizabeth Blanks Hindman Washington State University
Lance Holbert University of South Carolina
W. Wat Hopkins Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Janice R. Hume University of Georgia
Tom Johnson University of Texas
Sei-Hill Kim University of South Carolina
Spiro Kiousis University of Florida
Stephen Lacy Michigan State University
Carolyn A. Lin University of Connecticut
Jack Lule Lehigh University
Maxwell E. McCombs University of Texas
Jack M. McLeod University of Wisconsin - Madison
Patrick C. Meirick University of Oklahoma
Patricia Moy University of Washington
Garrett J. O’Keefe Colorado State University
Yorgo Pasadeos University of Alabama
John V. Pavlik Rutgers University
Elizabeth M. Perse University of Delaware
Marcia R. Prior-Miller Iowa State University
Lana F. Rakow University of North Dakota
Jyotika Ramaprasad University of Miami
Stephen D. Reese University of Texas, Austin
Tom Reichert University of Georgia
Churchill Roberts University of Florida
Donna Rouner Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA
Lynne M. Sallot University of Georgia
Klaus Schoenbach Northwestern University in Qatar
Donghee Shin Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
Linda Shipley University of Nebraska
Jane Singer University of Iowa, USA
Jeffrey Smith University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Linda Steiner University of Maryland, USA
Federico A. Subervi-Velez Kent State University
S. Shyam Sundar Pennsylvania State University
George Sylvie University of Texas at Austin
Dwight L. Teeter, Jr. The University of Tennessee
David Tewksbury University of Illinois
Esther Thorson University of Missouri-Columbia
Bruce G. Vanden Bergh Michigan State University
Kim Walsh-Childers University of Florida
Wayne M. Wanta University of Florida
Ran Wei University of South Carolina, USA
Robert H. Wicks University of Arkansas
Lars Willnat The George Washington University
H. Denis Wu Boston University
K. Tim Wulfemeyer San Diego State University
Kyu Ho Youm University of Oregon, Australia
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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 2161-430X ISSN: 1077-6990
Months of Distribution: Current Volume: 91 Current Issue: 1
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