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Journal of Applied Gerontology

University of Minnesota, USA

Published in Association with Southern Gerontological Society

Editor in Chief:
Joseph E. Gaugler, PhD University of Minnesota, USA
Honorary Editors-in-Chief:
Wiley P. Mangum, 1982-1985 University of South Florida
Miles E. Simpson, 1986-1992 North Carolina Central University
William J. McCauley, 1992-1995 George Mason University
Graham D. Rowles, 1995-1999 University of Kentucky
Jim Mitchell, 2003-2007 East Carolina University
Malcolm P. Cutchin, 2007-2011 Wayne State University
Managing Editor:
Ashley Lyle University of Minnesota
Editorial Board:
Keith A. Anderson University of Montana
Thomas Arcury Wake Forest University, USA
Rosanna Bertrand Abt Associates Inc.
Nicholas Castle University of Pittsburgh, USA
Sheung-Tak Cheng Psychological Studies, Hong Kong Institute of Education
David A. Chiriboga University of South Florida, USA
Constance Coogle Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Jennifer Craft Morgan Georgia State University
Malcolm P. Cutchin Wayne State University
Sara Czaja University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Holly Dabelko-Schoeny Ohio State University
Joseph E. Gaugler University of Minnesota, USA
Turner Goins Western Carolina University
Ann Gruber-Baldini University of Maryland School of Medicine
Christopher M. Kelly University of Nebraska at Omaha
Candace Kemp Georgia State University
Jennifer Kinney Miami University
Terry Lum Hong Kong University
Brendan McCormack Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh
Susan A. McDaniel University of Utah, USA
Katherine McGilton University of Toronto
Katherine Ornstein Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Kushang V. Patel University of Washington
Cynthia Peden-McAlpine University of Minnesota
M. Kristen Peek University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston
Margaret Penning University of Victoria
Molly Perkins Emory University School of Medicine, USA
Larry Polivka Claude Pepper Center
Jason L. Powell University of Chester
Sara A. Quandt Wake Forest School of Medicine
Julie T. Robison University of Connecticut, USA
Graham Rowles University of Kentucky, USA
Jane Saczynski University of Massachusetts Medical School
Tetyana Shippee University of Minnesota, School of Public Health
Sandra Simmons Vanderbilt University
Kristine Talley University of Minnesota
Hans-Werner Wahl University of Heidelberg
Janine Wiles University of Auckland
Ishan C. Williams University of Virginia
Sharon Williams University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bei Wu School of Nursing, Duke University
Fang Yu University of Minnesota
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Frequency: 5 Times/Year eISSN: 1552-4523 ISSN: 0733-4648
Months of Distribution: February , April , June , August , November Current Volume: 34 Current Issue: 4
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