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Journal of Peace Research

Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway

Published in Association with Peace Research Institute Oslo

Deputy Editors:
Halvard Buhaug Political Science, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway
Ragnhild Nordås Political Science, PRIO, Norway
Managing Editor:
Idunn Kristiansen Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway
Bertrand Lescher-Nuland Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway
Associate Editors:
Kristin M. Bakke Political Science, University College London, UK
Michael Brzoska Economics, University of Hamburg, Germany
Margit Bussmann Political Science, University of Greifswald, Germany
Sabine Carey Political Science, University of Mannheim, Germany
Kathleen Cunningham Political Science, University of Maryland, USA
Han Dorussen Political Science, University of Essex, UK
Scott Gates Political Science, PRIO, Norway & Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Håvard Hegre Political Science, Uppsala University, Sweden & PRIO, Norway
Desiree Nilsson Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, USA
Gudrun Østby Political Science, Peace Research Institute Oslo, Norway
Stein Tønnesson History, PRIO, Norway & Uppsala University, Sweden
Editorial Committee:
Alex Braithwaite School of Government & Public Policy, University of Arizona, USA
Allan Dafoe Political Science, Yale University, USA
Christian Davenport Political Science, University of Michigan, USA
Ismene Gizelis Political Science, University of Essex, UK
Cullen Hendrix Political Science, University of Denver, US
Kristine Höglund Peace and Conflict, Uppsala University, Sweden
Bjørn Høyland Political Science, University of Oslo, Norway
Jo T. Lind Economics, University of Oslo, Norway
Päivi Lujala Geography, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
Magnus Öberg Peace and Conflict, Uppsala University, Sweden
David Sobek Political Science, Louisiana State University, USA
Havard Strand Political Science, University of Oslo & PRIO, Norway
Isak Svensson Peace and Conflict, Uppsala University, Sweden
Monica D. Toft Political Science, Oxford University, UK
Krishna C. Vadlamannati Political Science, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
Marijke Verpoorten Economics, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Nils Weidmann Political Science, University of Konstanz, Germany
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Frequency: Bi-monthly eISSN: 1460-3578 ISSN: 0022-3433
Months of Distribution: January , March , May , July , September , November Current Volume: 52 Current Issue: 1
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