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Communication Research

Syracuse University, USA
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA
Editorial Assistant:
Syracuse University, USA
Former Editors:
Stanford University, USA
University of Southern California, USA
University of California, Davis
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California, USA
Editorial Board:
Michael R. Allen University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Julie Andsager University of Iowa
Erica Austin Washington State University
Christopher Beaudoin Texas A&M University, USA
Robert Bell University of California, Davis, USA
Charles R. Berger University of California, Davis
Hans-Bernd Brosius University of Munich
Judee K. Burgoon University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
Daniel J. Canary University of Utah
Scott Caplan University of Delaware
Joseph N. Cappella University of Pennsylvania, USA
Michael X. Delli Carpini University of Pennsylvania, USA
John Caughlin University of Illinois, Urbana, USA
Stella C. Chia City University of Hong Kong
Hichang Cho National University of Singapore
Hyunyi Cho Purdue University, USA
Jaeho Cho University of California, Davis, USA
Akiba Cohen Tel Aviv University
Y. Connie Yuan Cornell University
W. Timothy Coombs University of Central Florida, USA
Michael Cruz University of Wisconsin, Madison
Prabu David Ohio State University
Claes de Vreese University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
James P. Dillard Pennsylvania State University, USA
Paul Joseph DiMaggio Princeton University
Travis L. Dixon University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, USA
Matthew S. Eastin University of Texas-Austin
Nicole Ellison Michigan State University, USA
William P. Eveland Jr. Ohio State University
David R. Ewoldsen The Ohio State University, USA
Yuki Fujioka Georgia State University
Darren Gergle Northwestern University, USA
Jennifer Gibbs Rutgers University
Dennis Gouran Pennsylvania State University, USA
Albert Gunther University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jeff Hancock Cornell University, USA
Eszter Hargittai Northwestern University
Kristen Harrison University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
R. Lance Holbert Ohio State University
Craig Hullett University of Arizona
Susanne M. Jones University of Minnesota, USA
Young Y. Kim University of Oklahoma
Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick Ohio State University
Ascan Koerner University of Minnesota, USA
Chul-joo Lee The Ohio State University, USA
Eun-Ju Lee Seoul National University
Neil M. Malamuth University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Dana Mastro University of Arizona
Jorg Matthes University of Zurich
Dan McDonald Ohio State University
Douglas McLeod University of Wisconsin - Madison, Chile
Patrick C. Meirick University of Oklahoma
Peter Miller Northwestern University, USA
Peter R. Monge University of Southern California, USA
Steven Mortenson University of Delaware
Patricia Moy University of Washington, USA
Xiaoli Nan University of Maryland
Mary Beth Oliver Penn State University
Zhongdang Pan University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Sung-Yeon Park Bowling Green State University
Charles Pavitt University of Delaware
Jorge Peña University of California, Davis
Elizabeth M. Perse University of Delaware, USA
Jochen Peter University of Amsterdam
Randall S. Peterson London Business School, UK
Bruce E. Pinkleton Washington State University, USA
Marshall S. Poole University of Illinois, USA
Linda Putnam University of California, Santa Barbara
Brian Quick University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Steve Rains University of Arizona
Rajiv N. Rimal John Hopkins University
Donna Rouner Colorado State University
Erica Scharrer University of Massachusetts
Dietram A. Scheufele University of Wisconsin, Madison
Klaus Schonbach University of Amsterdam
Chris G. Segrin University of Arizona, USA
James Shanahan Boston University
Michael Shapiro University of Hawaii, USA
Lijiang Shen University of Georgia
Patricia Sias University of Arizona
Alan L. Sillars University of Montana
Michael Slater The Ohio State University, USA
Denise H. Solomon Pennsylvania State University
Brian Southwell RTI International and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michael Stephenson Texas A&M University, USA
S. Shyam Sundar Pennsylvania State University, USA
Alex Susskind Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
David Tewksbury University of Illinois, USA
Catalina Toma University of Wisconsin–Madison
Patti M. Valkenburg The Amsterdam School of Communications Research
Anita L. Vangelisti University of Texas at Austin, USA
K. Viswanath Harvard University
Vincent R. Waldron Arizona State University, USA
Joseph B. Walther Michigan State University, USA and Nayang University, Singapore
Zheng Joyce Wang Ohio State University
Wayne Wanta University of Florida, USA
Ran Wei University of South Carolina, USA
Steven Wilson Purdue University, USA
Courtney Wright Northwestern University, USA
Sung-Un Yang Syracuse University, USA
Dannagal Goldthwaite Young University of Delaware
Jonathan J.H. Zhu City University of Hong Kong
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Frequency: 8 Times/Year eISSN: 1552-3810 ISSN: 0093-6502
Months of Distribution: February , March , April , June , July , August , October , December Current Volume: 42 Current Issue: 5
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