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History of the Human Sciences

University of Durham, UK
Review Editor:
University of London, UK
2012 Impact Factor: 0.442
2012 Ranking: 31/58 in History & Philosophy Of Science (SCI) | 29/41 in History & Philosophy Of Science (SSCI) | 17/33 in History Of Social Sciences
Source: 2012 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2013)

History of Human Sciences provides an important forum for contemporary social science research that examines its own historical origins and interdisciplinary influences in an effort to review current practice.

Critical Examination

In recent years we have witnessed a spectacular convergence of interest in the social sciences. Scholars are critically examining their traditional assumptions and preoccupations in the light of developments which cut across interdisciplinary boundaries. Disciplines across the social sciences and beyond are reflecting on their own histories in an effort to review this current practice. The term Human Sciences encapsulates this broader, innovative approach to the established subject matter of the social sciences.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

History of the Human Sciences aims to expand our understanding of the human world through a broad interdisciplinary approach. The journal will bring you critical articles from sociology, psychology, anthropology and politics, and link their interests with those of philosophy, literary criticism, art history, linguistics, psychoanalysis, aesthetics and law.

Regular Special Issues

The journal provides comprehensive coverage of a range of themes across the human sciences. Special Issues Sections have been devoted to:

  • The New Art History
  • Rhetoric and Science
  • New Developments in the History of Psychology
  • Writing as a Human Science
  • Wilhelm ('Gi') Baldamus (1908-91): An Appreciation
  • Politics and Modernity
  • Hans Blumenberg
  • Constructing the Social
  • Identity, Self and Subject
  • William James
  • Making Sense of Science
  • Identity, Memory and History
  • Who Speaks? the Voice in the Human Sciences

Coverage of the Latest Literature

History of the Human Sciences publishes regular Review Essays and Reviews, keeping you in touch with the latest literature.

"History of the Human Sciences has become essential reading for anyone interested in those intersections linking theory, critical history and the human sciences as disciplines. The articles are distinctive and stimulating, and the reviews are indispensable." William Connolly

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Frequency: 5 Times/Year eISSN: 1461-720X ISSN: 0952-6951
Months of Distribution: February , April , July , October , December Current Volume: 27 Current Issue: 2
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