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Comparative Political Studies

University of Minnesota, USA
University of Oxford, UK
2013 Impact Factor: 1.477
2013 Ranking: 28/157 in Political Science
Source: 2013 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2014)

For more than 40 years, Comparative Political Studies has been the place to turn for the most timely information on methodology, theory, and research in the field of comparative politics.

The international political arena has become increasingly complex and active. As a result, interest and work in this field of study has grown dramatically in recent years. To keep up with the demand for scholarship, Comparative Political Studies has expanded its publishing frequency. Now you'll receive ten issues each year, filled with articles that are timely, cover a wide variety of topics, and are authored by the best people in the field.

In-Depth Coverage

The editorial team of Comparative Political Studies selects only the very best relevant, in-depth analyses of many cross-national political issues. Some of the subject areas you will find include:

  • European Integration
  • Regional Mobilization
  • European Monetary Politics
  • Labor Markets
  • Democratic Consolidation
  • Bargaining Institutions
  • Peace Movements
  • Electoral Systems
  • Party Strategies
  • Redemocratization
  • Production Strategies
  • Human Rights

International Forum

Comparative Political Studies is a forum for the exchange of ideas between scholars and students of comparative politics. Journal articles discuss innovative work on comparative methodology, theory, and research from around the world. Previous contributions have included exhaustive research to ensure that readers get the fullest picture on a global scale—from democracy in the Third World to civil-military relations in the Middle East, from electoral systems and party politics in Eastern Europe to economic performance in Latin America, from comparisons of political asylum in North America and Western Europe to national conflicts in Asian countries. Whatever the topic, Comparative Political Studies is always at the forefront of the field, providing valuable analyses with important implications for the formation of domestic and foreign policies.


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Frequency: Monthly eISSN: 1552-3829 ISSN: 0010-4140
Months of Distribution: January , February , March , April , May , June , July , August , September , October , November , December Current Volume: 48 Current Issue: 8
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