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Journal of Women and Social Work

University of Texas at Austin
Co Editor-in-Chief:
University of Denver, Denver, CO

Published in Association with Women and Social Work, Inc.

2013 Impact Factor: 0.180
2013 Ranking: 38/40 in Social Work | 35/40 in Women's Studies
Source: 2013 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2014)

Affilia article winner of The 2014 Affilia Award for Distinguished Feminist Scholarship and Praxis in Social Work. Read it here!

Giving voice to the myriad ways in which feminist practice and praxis manifest in social work has always been Affilia’s mission. In 1986, the founding editors created Affilia as a dedicated space for feminist women’s voices, underrepresented in mainstream social work journals, and the topical and methodological challenges that these marginalized voices raised for the field and the discipline. Articulating innovative feminist voices and perspectives has steadfastly been the substance of the scholarship and art published in the journal since its inception.

Affilia is a living record of feminist social work. As such, realization of its mission to provide an alternative space necessarily shifts as the ideas and ideals underpinning feminist practice and praxis, and their manifestation in social work, change over time. Consideration of whose voices and perspectives—what identities, from which social, geographical and theoretical locations—are and should be included in the forged space of Affilia is, therefore, the subject of ongoing review, reexamination, and renewal. Affilia’s editorial board embraces its responsibility to continually trouble its own views and assumptions.

Contemporary feminisms are grounded in critical, intersectional analysis of lived experience of individuals and groups located in the context of complex structures, systems, and discourses of power and privilege. Affilia seeks exceptional scholarship—ground-breaking, thought-provoking works that challenge taken-for-granted knowledges, raise new questions, generate innovative theories and methodologies, reflect feminist social work’s global diversity, and illuminate alternative pathways for social work theory, research, practice, and teaching. 

This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)
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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 1552-3020 ISSN: 0886-1099
Months of Distribution: February , May , August , November Current Volume: 30 Current Issue: 2
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