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Social Science Computer Review

North Carolina State University
University of Minnesota
2013 Impact Factor: 1.542
2013 Ranking: 11/93 in Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary | 19/84 in Information Science & Library Science | 44/102 in Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications
Source: 2013 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2014)

Social Science Computer Review (SSCR) is an interdisciplinary journal covering social science instructional and research applications of computing, as well as societal impacts of information technology. Published bi-monthly, topics include: artificial intelligence, business, computational social science theory, computer-assisted survey research, computer-based qualitative analysis, computer simulation, economic modeling, electronic publishing, geographic information systems, instrumentation and research tools, public administration, social impacts of computing and telecommunications, software evaluation, and world-wide web resources for social scientists.
Interdisciplinary Nature

Because the uses and impacts of computing are interdisciplinary, so is Social Science Computer Review. The journal is of direct relevance to scholars and scientists in a wide variety of disciplines. In its pages, you'll find work in the following areas:

  • sociology
  • anthropology
  • political science
  • economics
  • psychology
  • computer literacy
  • computer applications
  • methodology

Varied Features

To provide complete and balanced coverage, Social Science Computer Review presents you with a unique range of scholarship, including:

  • Articles... leading scholars explore the economic, political and social ramifications of computing technologies and society, as well as the issues surrounding them. Various forms of computing are examined to identify opportunities for enhancement and advancement and provide you with authoritative scholarship on how computing affects society and the social scientist
  • Software Reviews... in each issue, extensive reviews on the functionality of the broad range of software used by social scientists direct you immediately to the programs you need in your work
  • Symposiums... special sections devoted to examining issues of current concern provide you with focused and balanced coverage of important topics
  • Reports and Communication... brief updates, descriptions and insights keep you up to date with the latest work, thinking and developments in the field
  • Book Reviews... thoughtful and considered evaluations of current literature keep you informed about the best and most useful work in the field
  • News and Notes... each issue brings you comprehensive and current listings of online sites, services and products, so that you know what''s available in the wide range of areas covered by the journal

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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 1552-8286 ISSN: 0894-4393
Months of Distribution: February , May , August , November Current Volume: 33 Current Issue: 3
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