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Cross-Cultural Research

The Journal of Comparative Social Science

Human Relations Area Files, New Haven, USA

Official journal of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research

Sponsored by the Human Relations Area Files

2013 Impact Factor: 0.647
2013 Ranking: 47/93 in Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Source: 2013 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2014)

Cross-Cultural Research, formerly Behavior Science Research, is sponsored by the Human Relations Area Files, Inc. (HRAF). For over three decades, Cross-Cultural Research has made unique contributions to cross-cultural scholarship. In the 1990s CCR expanded its editorial focus to include peer-reviewed articles that describe cross-cultural and comparative studies in all human sciences.

Each issue of Cross-Cultural Research, published quarterly, focuses on research that systematically tests theories about human society and behavior, spanning societies, cultures, and nations. Research reports, review articles, methodological studies, bibliographies and discussion pieces offer you a wealth of information on cross-cultural issues, providing the global perspective you need to form clear and accurate conclusions from your own studies.

With Cross-Cultural Research you have access to cross-cultural and comparative research by scholars from a variety of disciplines, including: Anthropology • Archaeology • Economics • Education • Evolutionary Biology • Family Studies • Gerontology • History • Human Ecology • Political Ecology • Psychology • Sociology

The Society for Cross-Cultural Research
Cross-Cultural Research is the official journal of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research. Founded in 1972, the purpose of the Society is to "support and encourage interdisciplinary, comparative research that has as its object the establishment of scientifically derived generalizations about human behaviour". Members of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research receive Cross-Cultural Research as a benefit of membership.


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