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Journal of Visual Culture

Royal College of Art, London, UK
Principal Editors:
Stony Brook University, USA
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, UK
Associate Editor:
Stony Brook University, USA
Book Review Editor:
Royal College of Art, UK
Editorial Assistant:
New York University, New York

The past two decades have witnessed an explosion of interest, research and writing on visual culture within the humanities and social sciences.

Journal of Visual Culture is an international, refereed journal which is a site for astute, informative and dynamic thought on the visual.

The journal publishes work from a range of methodological positions, on various historical moments and across diverse geographical locations. It promotes research, scholarship and critical engagement with visual cultures. 

Previous content includes:

Mieke Bal on the Politics of the Other (Medium)

Heinrik Gustafsson
on geo-political aesthetics

Jane Chin Davidson on affirmative precarity

Vilém Flusser on the gesture of photographing 

Tom Holert and Johanna Schaffer on Judith Butler at Berlin’s CSD

Peter Lunenfeld on the Mediawork Pamphlet Series

Lev Manovich on Software 

Jacques Rancière on the Love of Cinema

Nicole Starosielski on Infrastructures 

Janet Wolff on the Power of Images

Winne Won Yin Wong on Art, Activism, and Appropriation

themed issues include:

Archives (2013), edited by Juliette Kristensen and Marquard Smith, with contributors including Shezad Dawood, Oliver Grau, Gary Hall, Chris Horrocks, Tom Holert, Juliette Kristenesen, susan pui san lok, Sas Mays, Joanne Morra, Nooney, Uriel Orlow, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Trevor Paglen, Vivian Rehberg, Marquard Smith, and Nina Lager Vestberg.

McLuhan (2014), edited by Raiford Guins, with contributors including Charles Acland. John Armitage, Ryan Bishop, Ian Bogost, Jay David Bolter, Antonio A. Casilli, Richard Cavell, Wendy Chun, Edward Comor, Suzanne de Castell, Mark Dery, Wolfgang Ernst, Gary Genosko, Paolo Granata, W. Terrence Gordon, Richard Grusin, Garnet Hertz, Erkki Huhtamo, Elena Lamberti, Paul Levinson, Peter Lunenfeld, Lev Manovich, Janine Marchessault, Shannon Mattern, Tara McPherson, Jussi Parikka, Steven Shaviro, Jonathan Sterne, and William Uricchi.

Ways of Seeing, Anniversary Issue (August 2012), edited by Raiford Guins, Juliette Kristensen, and susan pui san lok, with contributions from Mieke Bal, Geoffrey Batchen, Sonia Boyce, Alan Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Lisa Cartwright, Jill H. Casid, Laurie Beth Clark, Mike Dibb, Clive Dilnot, Jennifer A. González, Raiford Guins, Ben Highmore, Richard Hollis, Martin Jay, Guy Julier, Louis Kaplan, Juliette Kristensen, susan pui san lok, Peter Lunenfeld, Tara McPherson, Tom Overton, Griselda Pollock, Adrian Rifkin, Julian Stallabrass, Marita Sturken, John Timberlake, and Ming Wong.

Sonic Arts and Audio Cultures (August 2011), edited by Margaret Schedel and Andrew V. Uroskie, with contributions from Christoph Cox, Pauline Oliveros, David Toop, Brandon LaBelle, Camille Norment, Gascia Ouzounian, Brian Kane, Valérie Vivancos, Julio d’Esciván and Nick Collins, R. Luke DuBois, Seongah Shin, and Douglas Kahn. 

Images and Eyewitnessing in History (December 2010), edited by Lynn Hunt and Vanessa R. Schwartz, with contributions from Margaret W. Conkey, Victoria E. M. Cain, Karen Halttunen, Marie-José Mondzain, Megan E. O’Neil, Erika Naginski, Thomas Habinek, Mary Elizabeth Berry, Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, Richard Taws, Tierry Gervais, Nancy J. Troy, Sharon Sliwinski, Marcarena Gómez-Barris, Julia Adeney Thomas, Katja Zelijadt, and Philip J. Ethington.

Jean-Luc Nancy (April 2010), edited by Louis Kaplan and John Paul Ricco, with contribitions from Philip Armstrong, Ian Balfour, Louis Kaplan, Hagi Kenaan, Ginette Michaud, John Paul Ricco, and Jean-Luc Nancy himself.

"The Journal of Visual Culture is indispensable." Professor Christine Ross, Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University

"There is an unmistakable seriousness as well as a handsome hospitality in the range of method and morality, topic and topography on show." Times Higher Education Supplement

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