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Politics, Philosophy & Economics

University of Arizona, USA
Tulane University, New Orleans, USA
ICREA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
Founding Editor:
University of Arizona, USA

Published in Association with The Murphy Institute of Political Economy

2013 Impact Factor: 0.564
2013 Ranking: 28/50 in Ethics | 93/157 in Political Science
Source: 2013 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2014)

Politics, Philosophy & Economics is a unique forum for the interchange of methods and concepts among political scientists, philosophers and economists interested in the analysis and evaluation of political and economic institutions and practices. The peer-reviewed journal brings moral, economic and political theory to bear on the analysis, justification and criticism of social institutions and public policies, addressing matters such as constitutional design, property rights, distributive justice, the welfare state, egalitarianism, morals of the market, democratic socialism, and the evolution of norms.

"If you are looking for somewhere to publish original and creative work in the area where political science, economics and philosophy come together, the obvious place is Politics, Philosophy and Economics. It is a refreshing change from the numerous journals who are interested only in publishing more-of-the-same." Kenneth Binmore, Emiritus Professor of Economics, University College London

"This is a journal of exceptional quality. It fills an important niche, enriching all three of the disciplines in its title." Allen Buchanan, James B. Duke Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy, Duke University

"Politics, Philosophy and Economics consistently publishes material of the highest quality. It has already found its place in the small handful of top journals in political philosophy." George Klosko, Henry L. and Grace Doherty Professor of Politics, University of Virginia

"In just a few years Politics, Philosophy and Economics has come to be the first place I look for papers at the intersection of these three fields and the first place I think about when considering where I'd like my work at this intersection to appear" Alex Rosenberg, R. Taylor Cole Professor of Philosophy, Duke University

"Politics, Philosophy and Economics exemplifies the best features of a new journal in an established field. It reflects recent developments better than established journals; it connects more effectively across disciplinary divides; and it has a greater freshness and sense of purpose. I’m very impressed" Philip Pettit, L.S. Rockefeller University Professor of Politics and Human Values, Princeton University

"This is an impressive journal that will be of interest to political scientists, as well as to philosophers and economists who take an interest in political affairs" Times Higher Education Supplement

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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 1741-3060 ISSN: 1470-594X
Months of Distribution: February , May , August , November Current Volume: 14 Current Issue: 2
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