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An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies

Book Reviews Editor:
Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK
Consultant Editors:
(Religion and Culture in African )
(Eastern European Studies)
(Latin American Studies)
(New Testament and Ethics)
(Economics and Apologetics)
(Leadership Studies)
(South Asian History/Theology)
(Charismatic Studies)
(Asian Theologies)
(African Studies)
(Child Studies and Practitioner Research)
(Contextual Theologies, Gender and Mission)
Mission and Culture
East Asian Theology/Contextual Theology
(Development Studies)

Published in Association with Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

Transformation is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly on behalf of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. It provides to scholars and practitioners an international forum for discussion on Mission Studies, particularly focusing on the Majority World. Original papers in the following fields are welcome: Mission and Theology; Bible and Ethics; Religions and Culture; Faith Based Development. The journal offers considered analysis and reflection on a range of issues affecting the world today, including economics, development, violence, family life and other ethical issues.

1910 Centenary PhD Scholarships announcements

Recommended books


Edinburgh 2010, Mission Then and Now David A. Kerr, Kenneth R. Ross

The Church as the Bulwark against Authoritarianism - Gideon Githiga

Beyond Fragmentation: Integrating Mission and Theological Education. A Critical Assessment of some Recent Developments in Evangelical Theological Education - Bernhard Ott

Mission as Transformation. A Theology of the Whole Gospel - Editors: Vinay Samuel and Christopher Sugden

Gospel, Culture and Transformation. A Reprint, with a New Introduction, of Part Two of Seeking the Asian Face of Jesus - Christopher Sugden

Mangoes or Bananas? The Quest for an Authentic Asian Christian Theology - Hwa Yung

Naming God in Korea. The Case of Protestant Christianity - Sung-wook Hong

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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 1759-8931 ISSN: 0265-3788
Months of Distribution: January , April , July , October Current Volume: 32 Current Issue: 1
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