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Sort by: designed to promote inquiry into contemporary communication issues within wider social, economic and technological contexts and provides a forum for the discussion of theoretical and practical insights emerging from such inquiry.

ISSN: 09732586  | Frequency: 3 Times/Year
A Publication of the OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators
Created to meet the growing demand for research, analysis, and discussion on teaching management and organizational behavior, the Journal of Management Education serves as a forum for...
ISSN: 10525629  | Frequency: Bi-monthly
An Introduction to Planned Communication, Second Edition
Paperback 11-17-2008 $67.00
Hardcover 11-17-2008 $131.00
Hardcover 05-15-2009 $410.00
Theory and Practice, Seventh Edition
Slim Pack 03-04-2015 $77.00
Psychological Insights and Perspectives, Second Edition
Paperback 01-04-2005 $109.00
Paperback 01-23-1996 $79.00
An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theory, Practice and Research
... is a leading international forum for the study and discussion of simulation and gaming methodologies used in education, training, consultation, and research. The journal also explores the application of these methodologies to real-world problems and...
ISSN: 10468781  | Frequency: Bi-monthly
A Quarterly Journal of Responsible Management

...focuses on the latest thinking and research in the areas of management, labour and related subjects. It publishes articles on a range of areas in management and in related areas of social sciences, including primarily psychology,...

ISSN: 0258042X  | Frequency: Quarterly
... peer-reviewed and published quarterly, is a scholarly, international journal focused exclusively on the theoretical, research and practical issues confronting academics and practitioners who use marketing principles and techniques to benefit society....
ISSN: 15245004  | Frequency: Quarterly
1 to 10 (of 18 results found)