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Second Edition
Hardcover 06-15-2015 $525.00 $475.00
Paperback 04-29-2013 $24.00
Principles and Practice
Paperback 11-30-2011 $45.00
Hardcover 11-30-2011 $112.00
Ebook 11-30-2011
Volume 1, Issue 7; July 2010
Paperback 10-18-2010 $24.00
Volume 1, Issue 6; June 2010
Paperback 08-30-2010 $27.00
Business Environments in a Global Market
Hardcover 06-27-2007 $940.00
 ... papers describing original research into all aspects of biological rhythms. Emphasis is placed on circadian and seasonal rhythms, but papers on other rhythms...
ISSN: 07487304  | Frequency: Bi-monthly
Biomedical Applications
This journal covers topics including advances in biomedical polymers; applications in drug delivery including: controlled release, prodrugs, wound healing and other biomedical applications; polymeric drugs and drug design; polymeric functionalization and structures...
ISSN: 08839115  | Frequency: Bi-monthly

... is devoted to new and emerging biomaterials technologies. The Journal of Biomaterials Applications emphasizes the development, manufacture and clinical applications of biomaterials and new developments in biomaterials R&D, properties and performance, evaluation...

ISSN: 08853282  | Frequency: 10 Times/Year
 One of the most respected and highly cited journals in the rapidly expanding field of molecular discovery, the Journal of Biomolecular Screening offers peer-reviewed articles, commentary, and news on scientific and technical applications and advances...
ISSN: 10870571  | Frequency: 10 Times/Year
1 to 10 (of 33 results found)