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Hardcover 06-29-2013 $152.00
Ebook 06-29-2013
Hardcover 12-19-2012 $85.00
Second Edition
Hardcover 06-12-2012 $415.00
Hardcover 10-19-2011 $430.00
Reference a periodical that provides recommendations and guidance on protection against the risks associated with ionising radiation, from artificial sources as widely used in medicine, general industry and nuclear enterprises, and from naturally occurring sources.
ISSN: 01466453

... summarizes research and application in a wide range of human factors/ergonomics topic areas by distinguished experts in their respective domains. 

ISSN: 1557234X  | Frequency: Yearly
... publishes the papers and abstracts from presentations at the Annual Meeting every year. The 400-plus papers in each year's volume of the Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting reflect the diversity of subject matter in the human factors/ergonomics field. 
ISSN: 15419312  | Frequency: Yearly

... is dedicated to the publication of high quality research in all branches of applied sciences and technology dealing with aircraft and spacecraft, and their support systems.

ISSN: 09544100  | Frequency: 14 Times/Year a leading journal for the reporting of significant fundamental and applied research that brings understanding of fire chemistry and fire physics to fire safety.
ISSN: 07349041  | Frequency: Bi-monthly

...publishes only the highest quality original papers on experimental and analytical studies of engine technology.

ISSN: 14680874  | Frequency: 8 Times/Year
1 to 10 (of 60 results found)