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Hardcover 06-30-2013 $150.00
Ebook 06-30-2013
Hardcover 12-20-2012 $80.00
Second Edition
Hardcover 06-13-2012 $395.00
Hardcover 10-20-2011 $410.00

... provides its readers with news and information on recycling—with special emphasis on the recovery and reuse of household postconsumer and industrial preconsumer waste materials.

ISSN: 00487457  | Frequency: Monthly
Each year, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society publishes the papers and abstracts from presentations at the Annual Meeting. The 400-plus papers in each year's volume of the Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting reflect...
ISSN: 15419312  | Frequency: Yearly
ISSN: 10423915  | Frequency: Quarterly

Reviews of Human Factors and Ergonomics (REV) summarizes research and application in a wide range of human factors/ergonomics topic areas by distinguished experts in their respective domains. 

ISSN: 1557234X  | Frequency: Yearly
Research and Practice in Infrastructure, Technology, and the Environment
Examine public infrastructure issues in the leading quarterly for public works ideas, issues, and innovations. Public Works Management & Policy brings you the analyses, research, and opinions that shape the public works profession. As public infrastructure...
ISSN: 1087724X  | Frequency: Quarterly

...was the first scholarly publication on robotics research; it continues to supply scientists and students in robot and related fields - artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering - with timely, multidisciplinary...

ISSN: 02783649  | Frequency: 14 Times/Year
1 to 10 (of 60 results found)