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... is the leading journal of advanced composite materials technology. Major areas covered include: CAD/CAM, Ceramic-matrix composites, Coatings, Damage mechanics, Design of materials and components, Environmental effects, Metal-matrix composites, Modeling, Non-destructive...
ISSN: 00219983  | Frequency: 30 Times/Year
...publishes research on high performance polymer science and technology. With a principal focus on molecular structure/processability/property relationships of high performance polymers such as liquid crystalline polymers. Applications of particular interest include...
ISSN: 09540083  | Frequency: 8 Times/Year
... publishes research on polymers, nanocomposites, and particulate, discontinuous, and continuous-fiber-reinforced materials in the areas of processing, materials science, mechanics, durability, design, non destructive evaluation and manufacturing science.There...
ISSN: 08927057  | Frequency: Monthly
... publishes original research on a broad range of today's reinforced plastics and composites, including areas in: constituent materials, properties and performance, analysis and design, processing and fabrication, application. In addition, reports on special...
ISSN: 07316844  | Frequency: 24 Times/Year
1 to 4 (of 4 results found)