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Cities in a World Economy

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Customer Review 1

Higher level than I could use for Sophomores and even Juniors. I may use it for my "World Society" course I am teaching in Summer 2014. Too much text made it challenging to implement as readings.

Mr Mark Caldwell

Sociology Dept, Univ Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Feb 28 2014

Customer Review 2

A very highly recommended book for any student of urban and economic geography.

Dr Diganta Das

Humanities and Social Studies, National Institute of Education (NIE)

Oct 24 2013

Customer Review 3

An excellent contribution to the debate. The text is very well structured and provides a wide variety of useful insights.

Dr Deiric Ó Broin

School of Spatial Planning, Dublin Institute of Technology

Nov 11 2012

Customer Review 4

an essential update of a key textbook

Mr Richard Kotter

Please select your department, Please select your institution

Jul 03 2012

Customer Review 5

I will be using parts of this book in order to provide a more critical and rounded understanding of the role that location plays in globalisation. Chapter 5, with the more detailed examination of particular cases, has I believe a special didactic value. I was also planning to deliver a session on mobility of workforce. The perspective of Chapter 7, with its focus on the "other workers" in advanced globalised economies will be a crucial departure from the usual emphasis on the high-skill workers and a great way to give students a more comprehensive view of the flows of people in globalised conditions. Overall, I plan to include parts of the book as essential readings for discussion in my classes and to recommend the whole book to my students as a great way to explore the continuing role of location and in particular cities in modern economies.

Dr Ioanna Chini

Department of Business and Management, Sussex University

Dec 12 2011