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SAGE Choice

Frequently Asked Questions

SAGE offers authors of primary research articles the option to make them freely available upon publication on SAGE Journals. The 'SAGE Choice' publishing option enables authors to comply with funding body requirements, where publishing research papers Open Access is a stipulation of funding, such as is the case for the NIH/Wellcome Trust for example.

For the majority of journals published by SAGE the fee per article is $3,000USD/£1600GBP in Science, Technology and Medical fields, and $1,500/£800 in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The fee excludes any other potential author fees levied by some journals (such as color charges, which are additional) as well as taxes where applicable. Discounted fees may be available through your institution or library. Authors should direct enquires to their university.

Under this program, SAGE will post to PubMed Central (PMC) or its international equivalents, such as UKPMC or PMCI on behalf of authors where their funder requires it. All other SAGE policies regarding Open Access archiving remain unchanged.

The SAGE Choice option will be made available to authors of primary research articles only upon acceptance of their paper for publication. This is in order to prevent any potential conflicts of interest, and to ensure that authors' choice/funder requirements have no influence on the editorial peer review and decision-making.

Payment of the SAGE Choice fee will enable articles to be immediately available on SAGE Journals to non-subscribers (gold Open Access), as well as to subscribers to that journal. It will also permit authors to submit the final manuscript to their funding agency's preferred archive if applicable.

Those authors who do not wish to use this service will be under no pressure to do so, and their article will be published free of charge, in the usual manner. All existing policies on author posting of the final version will then apply.

If you have an article that has been accepted for publication in a journal published by SAGE and you require or wish to publish under the SAGE Choice option please email your request to Please provide the title of the journal and author(s) and title of your accepted article with the accepted manuscript ID where applicable.

Please click here to view a complete list of participating titles in SAGE Choice and 2013 Article Processing Charge (APC) prices.  Some journals non-proprietary to SAGE are subject to separate approval as societies evaluate their policies on participation. These titles are marked with an ‘A’ for society approval. Authors wishing to publish open access within the SAGE Choice program in a title subject to approval at this time can submit their request to the enquires email address below.

For more details, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

For any questions not covered on the Frequently Asked Questions page, please send an e-mail to