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1962 Border War

1962 Border War
Sino-Indian Territorial Disputes and Beyond

  • Ismail Vengasseri - Assistant Professor in the Department of History, Lady Sri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi

January 2021 | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
1962 Border War: Sino-Indian Territorial Disputes and Beyond studies the historical antecedents of the origin and developments of the border dispute between the two Asian giants—India and China. It investigates why these newborn republics, despite their close ties in the international politics, chose a path of a large-scale military encounter in the winter of 1962. This book uses the classified Henderson Brooks-Bhagat Report and the CIA Staff Study Report to answer this question. The book debates how far internal bureaucratic hurdles, political intrigues and partisan interest in New Delhi have factored against Nehru’s China Policy. Further, this study reveals the impact of Cold War politics, CIA operations on the frontiers and the US strategy of projecting the Tibet factor on these two nations. The key significance of this study is that it reveals the historical factors behind the Sino-Indian frequent and ongoing skirmishes along the border.

Foreword by Alka Acharya
Aksai Chin Dispute: Colonial Cartographic Extravaganza on the Legendary Frontiers
McMahon Line: History of the Mystery
Issues Beyond Border: Evolving of Dispute in the Early Phase (1950–1956)
Tibet Factor in the Border Dispute
Aksai Chin versus the NEFA
The Road to Border War (1959–1962): I
The Road to Border War (1959–1962): II

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