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A Future for Religion?

A Future for Religion?
New Paradigms for Social Analysis

Volume: 151

October 1992 | 214 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"The editor has shown clearly the new dimensions in sociology of religion which the classical schools neglected as personal and private concerns and which do not fit into the positivistic approach to the study of religion. This book introduces new pardigms in the study of sociology of religion to be developed in the context of new religious movements.... This book is a valuable addition to the fields of sociology of religion and new social movements." --Economic and Political Weekly From the evangelical and charismatic Christianity to the growth of Islamic fundamentalism, society today is witnessing an explosion of religious activity and revival. Yet, since the 1960s, sociologists have been proclaiming that religion has been in its death throes. Can such dynamic religious forces be at work if religion is dying? What is happening? And what do we expect to happen to religion in the coming decades? In A Future for Religion?, a leading team of scholars responds to these questions and offers a glimpse of where religion is heading. In their analyses, the authors explore several areas traditionally excluded from sociology of religion texts: religious experience, emotional renewal, religion and the body, comparative analyses, the links between religion and politics, social movements, and immigration. Each chapter summarizes a particular direction, provides data from current research, and offers an agenda for future research. Written in an accessible, inviting style, A Future for Religion? is ideally suited to courses in the sociology of religion. "This is a useful and sometimes very interesting handbook....It combines theory and practical sense in good measure." --Seminar

William H Swatos, Jr
John A Hannigan
New Social Movement Theory and the Sociology of Religion
Synergies and Syntheses

Frank Lechner
Global Fundamentalism
Eugen Schoenfeld
Religion, Class Conflict and Social Justice
Joseph B Tamney
Religion in Capitalist East Asia
W E Hewitt
Liberation Theology in Latin America and Beyond
Peter Kivisto
Religion and the New Immigrants
James V Spickard
For a Sociology of Religious Experience
Danièle Hervieu-Léger
Present-Day Emotional Renewals
The End of Secularization or the End of Religion?

John H Simpson
Religion and the Body
Sociological Themes and Prospects

Mary Jo Neitz
Inequality and Difference
Feminist Research in the Sociology of Religion

William H Swatos, Jr
Back to the Future
Applying Sociology of Religion


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