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A Hands-on Introduction to Big Data Analytics

A Hands-on Introduction to Big Data Analytics

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March 2024 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This practical textbook offers a hands-on introduction to big data analytics, helping you to develop the skills required to hit the ground running as a data professional.

It complements theoretical foundations with an emphasis on the application of big data analytics, illustrated by real-life examples and datasets. Containing comprehensive coverage of all the key topics in this area, this book uses open-source technologies and examples in Python and Apache Spark.

Learning features include:

 - Ethics by Design encourages you to consider data ethics at every stage.
 - Industry Insights facilitate a deeper understanding of the link between what you are studying and how it is applied in industry.
 - Datasets, questions, and exercises give you the opportunity to apply your learning.

Dr Funmi Obembe is the Head of Technology at the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology, University of Northampton.

Dr Ofer Engel is Data Scientist at the University of Groningen.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Big Data Analytics
Chapter 2: Big Data Technologies
Chapter 3: Apache Spark
Chapter 4: Big Data Storage
Chapter 5: Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing
Chapter 6: Big Data Analytics and Actionable Insights
Chapter 7: Graph Analytics
Chapter 8: Machine Learning
Chapter 9: Natural Language Processing
Chapter 10: Real time data analytics
Chapter 11: Big Data Analytics and Visualisation
Chapter 12: Going Forward

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