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A New Vision for Mexico 2042

A New Vision for Mexico 2042
Achieving Prosperity for All

Edited by:
  • Claudio Loser - President, Centennial Group Latin America; Former Director, Western Hemisphere, International Monetary Fund (IMF), USA
  • Jose Fajgenbaum - Centennial Group, Latin America
  • Harinder S. Kohli - Emerging Markets Forum and Centennial Group Holdings, Washington DC, USA

December 2012 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Mexico is at a critical juncture. The next administration will assume power at a particularly crucial time in Mexico's economic and social development. Its priorities and actions will have a decisive impact on the country's long-term economic, social, and even, political trajectory. If the political paralysis that has prevented the last two administrations from tackling Mexico's fundamental economic problems continues for another six years, the country may slide from its current low-growth equilibrium into a vicious cycle of economic stagnation, and subsequently dash the peoples' hopes, further erode the government's credibility, and worsen the law and order situation. By contrast, if the new administration embraces a well-balanced reform agenda and adopts a package of bold initiatives early in its term, it could once again unleash Mexico's vast potential and build the foundations of a more prosperous, safer and dynamic society.

A New Vision for Mexico 2042 identifies the priority issues that could influence Mexico's long-term economic trajectory, and outlines a balanced action program necessary to effectively address these issues. It includes reforms and actions that would simultaneously achieve much higher and more inclusive growth, and thus would restore the sense of pride and optimism among Mexicans that has been eroding in recent years. The issues discussed are ofsuch importance that the legacy of the next Presidency could well be determined by the administration's willingness and ability to implement the agenda outlined in this book.

Foreword Hector Aguilar Camin
Executive Summary  
A Historical Perspective Claudio M Loser, José Fajgenbaum, Drew Arnold, and Y Aaron Szyf
A Framework for Economic Revival and Sustained Prosperity Claudio M Loser and José Fajgenbaum
Specific Proposals for a Prosperous Mexico in 2042 Claudio M Loser and José Fajgenbaum
Alternative Scenarios for Sustained Growth Harpaul Alberto Kohli
Summary Conclusions  
Mexico and the World-Policy Complacency After Years of Disappointing Growth Claudio M Loser, Drew Arnold, and Y Aaron Szyf
Growth and Adjustment Model-Assessing Mexico's Path to a Sustainable Future Claudio M Loser, Harpaul Alberto Kohli, and Y Aaron Szyf
Education-Breaking the Constraints Jeffrey M Puryear, Lucrecia Santibañez, and Alexandra Solano Rocha
Energy Policies-Finding the Path for Sustainable Growth Roberto Newell García
Financial System-Supporting Mexico's Long-term Viability Hervé Ferhani
Competition in Mexico-Paving the Way for Efficiency Manuel Molano
Poverty and Equality-Attaining Inclusive Growth Mahmood Ayub
Macroeconomic Management-Implementing Responsible Fiscal and Monetary Policies José Fajgenbaum
Good Governance-Fiscal Federalism and Sub-national Accountability Juan E Pardinas
Criminal Violence-Crisis, Response, and Long-term Prospects Alejandro Hope
International Relations-Mexico and its Status in the Global Economy Carlos Malamud

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