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Action Research in Business and Management

Action Research in Business and Management

Four Volume Set
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September 2016 | 1 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

For the first time, internationally-renowned scholars David Coghlan and Abraham B. Shani bring together the important articles and publications in action research in business and management since the 1950s. Action research is presented in terms of its historical and philosophical foundations and development, its implementation in different business settings and disciplines, and its contemporary and developmental opportunities.

Volume 1: Foundations of Action Research in Business and Management

Volume 2: Business Disciplines

Volume 3: Action Research in Diverse Industries

Volume 4: Contemporary and Emerging Issues

Designed to be a foundation resource for individual scholars and business schools, this collection provides academics in the field with a touchstone resource to help build their knowledge and understanding of the field.


David Coghlan and Abraham B. (Rami) Shani
Part One: Foundations and Early Development of Action Research
The Solution of a Chronic Problem in Industry

Kurt Lewin
Changing a Stereotype in Industry

A.J. Marrow and J.R.P. French
Kurt Lewin, Action Research and Planned Change

Ronald Lippitt
An Action Research Program for Organization Improvement

H. Shepard and R.A. Katzell
Action Research in the Workplace: The Socio-Technical Perspective

W.A. Pasmore
Part Two: Philosophies in Action Research
An Assessment of the Scientific Merits of Action Research

G.L. Susman, G.I. and R.D. Evered
Action Research: Explaining the Diversity

Catherine Cassell and Phil Johnson
Action Research: Exploring Perspectives on a Philosophy of Practical Knowing

David Coghlan
Ideology and Political Economy in Inquiry: Action Research and Participative Research

L. David Brown and Rajesh Tandon
Action Research: Its Nature and Validity

Peter Checkland and Sue Holwell
Part Three:Methodological Issues
Organization Inquiry: Towards a New Model of the Action Research Process

A.B. Shani and W.A. Pasmore
Clinical Inquiry/Research

Edgar H. Schein
Double-Loop Learning, Teaching, and Research

Chris Argyris
Toward a More Rigorous, Reflective, and Relevant Science of Collaborative Management Research

William A. Pasmore, Richard W. Woodman and Aneika L. Simmons
Part Four: Practice Applications
Action Research for Management Research

Colin Eden and Chris Huxham
Visionary Action Research: A Consultation Process Perspective

Rami Shani and Gervase Bushe
Introduction: The Facets of Action Modalities in Business Disciplines

Abraham B. (Rami) Shani and David Coghlan
Part One:Accounting
A Critical Review of Interventionist Research

Vicki Baard
Part Two: E-Commerce
Action Research in Turbulent Environments: An Example in E-Commerce Prioritisation

Elizabeth Daniel and Hugh Wilson
Part Three: Finance
Global Finance as an Action Research Domain: Testing the Boundaries

Steve Waddell
Part Four: Customer Service
Action Research Reviewed: A Market-Oriented Approach

David Ballantyne
Part Five: Manufacturing
An Action Research Program for Increasing Employee Involvement in Problem Solving

W.A. Pasmore, and F. Friedlander
Defining the Path to Value Innovation

Paul Coughlan and Mary Ann Fergus
Part Six: IS/IT
Innovation Information Systems Education I: Accelerated Systems Analysis and Design with Appreciative Inquiry – An Action Learning Approach

Michel Avital
Power-based Arbitrary Decisional Actions in the Resolution of MIS Project Issues: A Project Manager's Action Research Perspective

K. Gregory Jin
Part Seven: Lean Management
Exploring the Development of Competence in Lean Management through Action Learning Groups: A Study of the Introduction of Lean to a Facilities Management Function

Paul Wyton and Robin Payne
Part Eight: Operation Management (POM) and Supply Chain Management
Action Research in Supply Chain Management – A Framework for Relevant and Rigorous Research

Dag Näslund, Rahul Kale and Anthony Paulraj
Part Nine: Management
Strategic Management in Action

J.E. Olsen and T. Haslett
Part Ten: Management and Consulting
Collaboration and the Production of Management Knowledge in Research, Consulting, and Management Practice

Andreas Werr and Larry Greiner
Part Eleven: Marketing and e-Marketing
Towards Rigour in Action Research: A Case Study in Marketing Planning

Hugh Wilson
Part Twelve: R&D and Innovation
The Next Generation of National R&D Programmes in Norway: Consequences for Action Research and Regional Development

Jarle Moss Hildrun, Henrik Dons Finsrud and Pål Klethagen
Part Thirteen: Human Resource
Design Principles for Competence Management Systems: A Synthesis of an Action Research Study

Rikard Lindgren, Ola Henfridsson and Ulrike Schultze
Introduction: The Facets of AR Modalities in Diverse Industries

Abraham B. (Rami) Shani and David Coghlan
Part One: Agriculture (Food)
The Role of Action Research (AR) in Environmental Research: Learning from a Local Organic Food and Farming Research Project

Hillevi Helmfrid, Andrew Haden and Magnus Ljung
Part Two: Agriculture (Land Management)
Action Research on Land Management in the Western Amazon, Peru – A Research Process, Its Outcomes and the Researcher’s Role

Kristina Marquardt Arévalo and Magnus Ljung
Part Three: Automotive
Going Green from the Inside: Insider Action Research at the Volvo Car Corporation

Mats Williander and Alexander Styhre
Part Four: Biopharma
Insider Action Research: Facing the Challenges of New Capability Development within a Biopharma Company

Jonas Roth, Rami Shani and Myleen Leary
Part Five: Business and Information (Tech Service)
Cooperative Inquiry Revisited: Reflections of the Past and Guidelines for the Future of Intergenerational Co-Design

Mona Leigh Guha, Allison Druin and Jerry Alan Fails
Part Six: Construction (Architecture)
Participatory Action Research as a Tool in Solving Desert Vernacular Architecture Problems in the Western Desert of Egypt

Marwah Dabaieh
Part Seven: Defense
Clinical Inquiry and Reflective Design in a Secrecy-based Organization

Michael W. Stebbins and Rami Shani
Part Eight: Electronics
In Search of an Alternative Framework for the Creation of Actionable Knowledge: Table-Tennis Research at Ericsson

Niclas Adler and Rami Shani
Part Nine: Energy (Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing)
Managing Information and Supplies Inventory Operations in a Manufacturing Environment, Part 1: An Action Research Study

Tim Baker and Vaidyanathan Jayaraman
Part Ten: Energy (Petrochemical)
Human Reliability in Petrochemical Industry: An Action Research

João Alexandre Silva and João Alberto Camarotto
Part Eleven: Fashion Design
Intervention Research as Management Research in Practice: Learning from a Case in the Fashion Design Industry

Giovanni Radaelli, Marco Guerci, Stefano Cirella and Rami Shani
Part Twelve: Food Industry
Enhancing Organisational Innovation Capability through Systemic Action Research: A Case of a Swiss SME in the Food Industry

Pierre-Yves Kocher, Stephanie Kaudela-Baum and Patricia Wolf
Part Thirteen: Health Care
Using Appreciative Inquiry to Promote Evidence-based Practice in Nursing: The Glass Is More Than Half Full

Caroline Marchionni and Marie-Claire Richer
Part Fourteen: Manufacturing and Global Manufacturing
Action Research in a Virtual Setting: Cautions from a Failed Project

Darren B. Meister and Christopher M. Gronski
Part Fifteen: Media
Diffusion of Innovations in News Organizations: Action Research of Middle Managers in Danish Mass Media

Anker Brink Lund
Part Sixteen: Merchant Shipping
Research, Action and Participation: The Merchant Shipping Case

Richard E. Walton and Maichael E. Gaffney
Part Seventeen: Mining
How Control Groups Can Cause Loss of Control in Action Research: The Case of Rushton Coal Mine

Melvin Blumberg and Charles D. Pringle
Part Eighteen: Pharmaceutical
Using Action Research to Develop a Research Aware Community Pharmacy Team

Karebor Tuhaise Ngwerume and Markus Themessl-Huber

David Coghlan & Abraham B. (Rami) Shani
Part One: Developments
Transforming Inquiry an Action: Interweaving 27 Flavors of Action Research

Dawn Chandler and Bill Torbert
Seeking Common Ground in the Diversity and Diffusion of Action Research and Collaborative Management Research Action Modalities: Towards a General Empirical Method

David Coghlan
Collaborating for Management Research: From Action Research to Intervention Research in Management

Armand Hatchuel and Albert David
Action Research and the Problem of the Single Case

Bjorn Gustavsen
Innovation Action Research: Creating New Management Theory and Practice

Robert S. Kaplan
Developing an Effective Organization: Intervention Method, Empirical Evidence and Theory

Michael Beer
Part Two: Insider Action Research
Political Entrepreneurship in Action Research: Learning from Two Cases

Hans Björkman and Mats Sundgren
Insider Action Research: The Dynamics of Developing New Capabilities

David Coghlan and Rami Shani
Part Three: Longitudinal
Changing Leadership Dynamics at Agility Critical Interfaces: Action Research as a 25 Year Longitudinal Study

Gertjan Schuiling
Part Four: Quality
Academic Integrity in Action Research

Morten Levin
Choice and Quality in Action Research Practice

Peter Reason
Creating Action Research Quality in Organization Development: Rigorous, Reflective and Relevant

David Coghlan and Rami Shani
Part Five: Ethics
And They Shall Be Known by Their Deeds: Ethics and Politics in Action Research

Anne Inga Hilsen
Covenantal Ethics and Action Research: Exploring a Common Foundation for Social Research

Mary Brydon-Miller
Part Six: Sustainability
Developing and Sustaining Change Capability via Learning Mechanisms: A Longitudinal Perspective on Transformation

Tobias Fredberg, Flemming Norrgren and Rami Shani
Toward a Sustainable Healthcare System: Transformation through Participation

Svante Lifvergren, Peter Docherty and Rami Shani