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Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Fourth Edition

August 2005 | 616 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this new edition, author Steven J. Cann once again enlivens the topic of United States administrative law through the use of recent and "classic" legal cases to make it accessible and interesting to students.  Administrative Law, Fourth Edition is an engaging casebook that presents a unique problem-solving framework that contrasts democracy with the administrative state. This novel approach places the often complex subject matter of U.S. administrative law into a more comprehensible context. The Fourth Edition has been completely updated and revised and includes many new cases to reflect changes in the law since the year 2000. Each chapter begins with an interesting case that introduces key concepts followed by a summary of the principles, doctrines, and legal tests used by the courts in that area of administrative law.  

New cases in the Fourth Edition include:
  • Norton v. Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, 2004.  President Bush's Secretary of Interior made a decision to allow off-road vehicles in wilderness areas.
  • Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders, 2004.  This is the Supreme Court's most recent sexual harassment case.
  • Correctional Services Corporation v. Malesko, 2001. Correctional Services Corporation is a private company that contracts with the federal government to run halfway houses. An employee's reckless disregard caused the plaintiff to have another heart attack. 
  • Whitman v. American Trucking Association, 2001.  The case involves the EPA's enforcement of the Clean Air Act and is the Supreme Court's most recent delegation of power case.  
Administrative Law is an essential tool for those seeking to understand, or obliged to work within, its general principles. It is an excellent textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying administrative law in departments of political science and public administration.

List of Cases
Legal Lingo
Democracy and Bureaucracy
Executive Control of Bureaucracy
Legislative Control of Bureaucracy
Control of Agencies by Default: The Courts and Administration Law
The Government and Information
Informal Agency Activity
Rule Making and Adjudication
The Law of Public Employment
Due Process of Law in Other Contexts
Suing the Government
Summary and Conclusions
Appendix A: Administrative Procedure Act
Appendix B: The United States Constitution
About the Author
Key features

New to the 4th edition:

Completely updated and revised with many new cases to reflect changes in the law since 2000.

New discussion of "Congressional Review" used to kill ergonomic rules in the post-Clinton period.

Discussion of smoking and politics with the Lorillard Tobacco Co. v. Reilly case.

Discussion of congressional investigation and response to Enron, World Com and other corporate scandals.

Updated discussion of the census and representation in the House of Representatives with new data from the 2000 census and Republican gains in 2002.

Addition of Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders on sexual harassment, argued before the Supreme Court in 2004.

Addition of Richardson v. McKnight case on privatization of government services.

More on ADA litigation.