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African American Single Mothers

African American Single Mothers
Understanding Their Lives and Families

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January 1995 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In the past, research about African American single mothers and their families has been done using conventional paradigms based upon models of the dominant culture. This practice has resulted in the creation of stereotypes and misconceptions about "the black family." In this collection of original work by an interdisciplinary group of scholars, the African American mother-centered family is reevaluated to present a clearer and more accurate picture of its actual structure and function. Using an Afrocentric, feminist perspective, the contributors examine the history, legal dilemmas, media images, and religious values of these families. The roles of children, grandparents, fathers and other men, other support people, and the government are reviewed. Presenting an informed, insiders view of the African American single-mother household, the contributors suggest more effective and sensitive policy approaches and a more useful role for scholars/activists in this field. This is crucial reading for students and scholars of race/ethnicity studies, black studies, child development, gender studies, social work, sociology, psychology, and policy studies. "African American Single Mothers examines the lives of women outside of the usual stereotypes and misconceptions. Original work by scholars evaluate the African American mother-centered family's function and values." --The Bookwatch "This volume reevaluates the research on families headed by African American single mothers and displaces the stereotypes and misconceptions created by previous research. Using an Afrocentric feminist perspective, the authors examine the history, legal dilemmas, media images, and religious values of these families and review the roles of children, grandparents, and the government. With an insider view that calls for the use of more sensitive and effective policy approaches, the book is intended for students and scholars of race studies, black studies, sociology, and social work." --Journal of Social Work Education

Bette J Dickerson
Bette J Dickerson
Centering Studies of African American Single Mothers and Their Families
Norma J Burgess
Female-Headed Households in Sociohistorical Perspective
Annie Ruth Leslie
Women's Life-Affirming Morals and the Cultural Unity of African Peoples
Sharon Elise
Teenaged Mothers
A Sense of Self  
Dhyana Ziegler
Single Parenting
A Visual Analysis  
Willa Mae Hemmons
The Impact of the Law on Single Mothers and the `Innocent'
Suzanne M Randolph
African American Children in Single-Mother Families
Susan M George and Bette J Dickerson
The Role of the Grandmother in Poor Single-Mother Families and Households
Rose M Brewer
Gender, Poverty, Culture and Economy
Theorizing Female-Led Families  
Bette J Dickerson, Philipia L Hillman and Johanna E Foster
Empowerment Through the `Ordinary' Knowledge/Scholarship/Policy Nexus

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